Christian Educator's Handbook of Teaching


Introduction:  Christian Teaching:  Appointment from God  Howard Hendricks      7

Part One. Foundations For Christian Teaching    11

1    Following the Master Teacher   Howard Hendricks

2 The Role of the Holy Spirit in Christian Teaching   Roy Zuck   32

3 Designing Biblical Instruction   David Edwards   45

4 Biblical Foundations for a Philosophy of Teaching   Michael Lawson   61

5 Biblical Integration:   The Process of Thinking Like a Christian   Kenneth  Gangel   74

6 An Evaluation of Contemporary Learning Theories   David I. Edwards   87

Part Two.  Patterns and Process of Christian Teaching   103

7 Teaching Children   Robert  Choun Jr.   105

8 Teaching Youth   Robert Choun   132

9 Teaching Adults in the Church  Kenneth Gangel  149

10 Choosing and Using Creative Methods   Robert Choun, Jr.

11 Using Your Personal Computer in Teaching  Stuart S. Cook   179

12 Audiovisual Support for Your Teaching   Donald Regier   194

13 Measurement and Evaluation   Stuart S. Cook   223

Part Three. Crucial Roles in Christian Teaching   239

14  The Teacher as Leader   Howard Hendricks   241

15 The Teacher as Discipler  James Slaughter   257

16 The Teacher as Bible Student   Roy Zuck   269

Part Four. Varieties of Christian Teaching   287

17 Teaching in the Family   James Slaughter   289\

18 Teaching in the Church   Michael Lawson   306

19  Teaching in the Christian School   David Edwards   318

20 Teaching in the Christian College   Kenneth Gangel   329

21 Teaching in the Community   Michael S. Lawson   344

Conclusion.  Mandate for the Future   Kenneth Gangel   356



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