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    1. Worship as a Subject in Old Testament Studies

    The History Paradigm

    The Collapse of the History Paradigm

    From History to Vision: A New Interpretive Context for the Study of Worship


Part One The World That Shaped the Torah's Vision


    2. Persian Politics and the Shaping of the Pentateuch Persian Imperial Politics

    Imperial Mechanisms for Social Control


    3. The Torah as Vision

    The Torah's Vision: An Overview

    Between the Idea and the Reality



    Part Two The Torah's Vision: "You Shall Be for Me a Priestly Kingdom and a Holy Nation"


    4. Creation's Liturgy and the Cosmic Covenant

    Genesis ióz: The Liturgy of Creation

    A Fragile World, an Earthly Altar, a Cosmic Commitment

    From Cosmic Covenant to Everlasting Covenantal Relationship

    Paradigms for Worship

    5. The Liturgy of Covenant

    "A Priestly Kingdom and a Holy Nation":

    Covenant as Vocation (Exodus 19ó24)

    Covenant as Sanctuary Building and World Building (Exodus 25-40)

    Paradigms for Ministry: Prayer as Covenantal Vocation


    6. Covenant Holiness

    The Priestly World of Ritual

    Covenantal Holiness (Leviticus 17-26)

    Paradigms of Worship: The Ministry of Priesthood


    7. At the Border: The Ever New, Ever Renewing

    Summons to the Torah's Vision

    The "Boundary Character" of Deuteronomy

    Deuteronomy as Constitutional Polity

    The Ever New, Ever Renewing Summons to the Torah's Vision


Part Three The Vision That Shapes "Another World to Live In"


    8. At the Border of a New Millennium:

    Is This the Way the World Ends?

    The Disappearance of God

    In the Interim: The Burden of Faith in a God Inexorably Hidden

    At the Border of a New Millennium:

    "Surely Some Revelation Is at Hand"


    9. Another World to Live In

    The Torah's Invitation to a Counterimagination of the World

    "Show Us in This World an Example

    of the World to Come"


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