Part I: Introduction:
1. Defining 'Spirituality'.
2. Defining 'Christian Spirituality'.
3. Clarifying Terms: Mysticism and Spirituality.
Part II: Types of Christian Spirituality:
4. Spirituality, Theology and Personality.
5. Denominational Considerations.
6. Attitudes to the World, Culture and History.
Part III: Theological Foundations for Spirituality: Basic Issues:
7. The Nature of Theology.
8. The Relation of Theology and Spirituality.
Part IV: Theological Foundations for Spirituality: Case Studies:
9. Creation. Human Nature and Destiny.
10. The Trinity. Incarnation.
11. Redemption.
12. Resurrection.
13. Consummation.
14. For Further Reading.
Part V: Biblical Images and Christian Spirituality:
15. The Bible as a Resource for Spirituality.
16. Biblical Images and Spirituality.
Part VI: Faces, Places and Spaces: Visualization and Spatialization in Christian Spirituality:
17. The Visualization of the Divine.
18. Telling the Story: Faith and Life.
19. The Rhythm of Faith: Structuring Time.
20. Spiritual Geography: Structuring Space.
Part VII: Christian Spirituality: Engaging the Tradition:
21. Conclusion: Where Next?
22. Christian Spirituality: Internet Resources.
Glossary of Terms.
Sources of Citations.
For Further Reading.


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