Introduction to the What You Need to Know Series     v

How to Teach This Book     vi

Chapter 1     What Is Spiritual Warfare?     1

Chapter 2     Who Are the Unseen Forces in the Invisible War?     25

Chapter 3     What Is the Belt of Truth?      38

Chapter 4     What Is the Breastplate of Righteousness?     50

Chapter 5     What Are the Shoes of the Gospel of Peace?     62

Chapter 6     What Is the Shield of Faith?     75

Chapter 7     What Is the Helmet of Salvation?     87

Chapter 8     What Is the Sword of the Spirit?     101

Chapter 9     What Role Does Prayer Play in Spiritual Warfare?     114

Chapter 10     What Is Our New Identity in Christ?     126

Chapter 11     How Can We Gain a Clear Conscience and Pull Down
                               Spiritual Strongholds?     139

Chapter 12     How Can We Stand Firm in the War?     157

Bibliography     177

Master Review     178

About the Author     184

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