Biddle's Clergy Manuals: 3 Volumes

Author:   Perry H. Biddle, Jr. is an author and minister-at-large of Middle Tennessee Presbytery, Presbyterian Church (USA). He is a graduate of Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina, Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, and Vanderbilt University, Nashville. He also studied at New College, University of Edinburgh,  Scotland. He is the author of fifteen books.

A Marriage Manual

  Topics include:                                             

  • Present day concerns & celebrations                          
  • Ministry before and after the ceremony                       
  • Making the service more personal                             
  • Conducting the Service                                       
  • Music and the wedding                                        
  • Guidelines for weddings & receptions                         
  • Also has  model  services for Baptist,  Episcopal,  Lutheran,  Presbyterian, United  Methodist  and a classic service.  Also has service of blessing for civil ceremonies.                                                                                        

A Funeral  Manual

 Topics include:                                           

  • Christian funeral service                                    
  • Planning the service                                         
  • Conducting the service                                       
  • Music                                                        
  • Funeral sermon                                               
  • Developing church policy on funerals                         
  • Also has model services as above book including service for a     

       child and service for United Church of Christ.

A  Hospital Visitation Manual:

 Topics include:                          

  • Preparing for Pastoral care for the sick                 
  • Pastoral care for specific types of patients             
  • Services for the patient


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