Reviews by the Andreolas

A review by Karen Andreola:

Italic Handwriting Series
By Edwin C. Myers, Ph.D.

At the end of first grade, my child was still struggling with those typical large ball-and-stick letters. At this wearisome pace, how would she ever manage the transition to the very slanted curly loops of cursive penmanship that most curriculum designers put on the list of second grade accomplishments? (I worried a lot during those early years of homeschooling.) But I looked for an alternative program and by springtime happily settled upon the Italic Handwriting Series.

Every morning after breakfast, while I washed the dishes, my daughter sat still for one short lesson of italic handwriting practice. Then she was set free to play in the back garden. All summer she did a little practice before play. By September she could copy a line of poetry with ease. The new school year was starting off on a good foot! As she progressed through the books, the transition from basic italic to cursive italic was a simple and natural one.

Subsequently, my other students used this course. I've noticed that over the years each student has added a few loops and swirls of conventional cursive as it has appealed to him. (Each borrowed ideas from the handwritten letters of a pen-friend). Therefore, a student can become quite proficient in basic handwriting with this series and, if desired, develop his own style from it as well.



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