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A review by Dean Andreola:

The Write Stuff Adventure
By Dean Rea

With over 50 years' writing experience, Dean Rea knows how to take the homeschool student on a writing adventure. He combines his experience, both as university professor and award-winning editor of a major newspaper, with the gentleness and grace of a wise, trusted friend. Each lesson is addressed to the student, and Mr. Rea's warm regard for and confidence in the student shine through.

 There is no tedious teacher's guide with this curriculum!  Teachers are given helpful hints. They are encouraged to follow guidelines such as:

  *A Teacher of writing out to be a writing teacher, and WRITE!

      *Don't stifle your students. Leave the mechanics of spelling and grammar for fine-tuning later; in the early lessons, simply enjoy the process.

  *Publish, publish, publish on the refrigerator, in a letter, in the paper, anywhere and everywhere.

 Students write letters to Grandmother, and then go on to an autobiography and news articles. They put out a family newsletter with interviews and are introduced to cartooning. They start with the basics of organizing and describing, and end with the basics of journalism. The students' own photographs are sued for creative writing. They learn how to write copy for want ads, cover letters, and letters to the editor. They learn how to write a good essay. They enjoy the rewards of work done well and of sharing their work with their friends, family, and community.

 A happy student is one who is learning to do things that matter. That is the key to The Write Stuff Adventure. It is a course I recommend for the middle grades and high school though younger students could easily take advantage of the beginning exercises. Once begun, the student will enjoy the adventure to is completion and will become adept at the tools of writing the process!  (I also appreciate the price. It is a truly superior course offered at about half the price of some lesser quality courses.)  So, let the adventure begin!  208 pages, softcover from Great Expectations.


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