Reviews by the Andreolas

A review by Karen Andreola:

Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la
By Barbara Edtl Shelton

The thought of homeschooling through the high school years can put one in a tizzy. When the time drew near to teach high school, there were days when my heart beat faster. However, after spending some quiet time reading Senior High, I felt my heart rate return to normal. I am not an organized person by nature so I knew I needed this book. The first chapter is "Reinforcement for the Fainthearted," which helps the parent establish goals and find fortitude in Jesus. Another chapter reviews requirements and guidelines for graduation. The parent may choose from many kinds of reproducible planning and record-keeping sheets. Samples provided on grading criteria and course descriptions are what I value most in the book. The grading method is a meaningful one. Because we use lots of  "living" (real) books, freestyle essay writing, and life experiences in our home school with fewer textbooks and workbooks, I needed a way to both personalize and document our work. This book showed me how. It supplied me with both tools and spiritual encouragement. I may never feel 100 percent confidant at the task of teaching high school. Nevertheless, I will venture forward much more knowledgeable and equipped than I was before.


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