"The SBL Handbook of Style is precisely what is needed for the next generation (or two or three) of scholars in our field and for everybody in the chain from author to editor to printer, including all the half steps in between. I hope that The Handbook will draw together everybody who publishes in this field to agree to adopt it as the bible for publishing scholarly works in our discipline. Having a uniform standard, and a detailed exposition of the rules and the whys and the wherefores of this intricate business, will go a long way toward clarifying and simplifying the work of both writer and reader of these erudite products. I could not be more enthusiastic about a volume that I can recommend to one and all, and to which I can send innocent, ignorant, and recalcitrant authors and editors, and all the rest."

David Noel Freedman, Professor of History, and Chair in Hebrew Biblical Studies, University of California, San Diego.
General Editor, The Anchor Bible Dictionary

"…A major service for the community of biblical scholars. This comprehensive but handy stylesheet, building on the base of the SBL guidelines, incorporates all that most authors and editors currently need to know about the technical dimensions of publishing activity, from commas and hyphens to abbreviations, from transliterations to forms of annotation. All that's left to authors is to come up with good ideas. All editors have to do is to learn what is here."

Harold W. Attridge, Lillian Claus Professor of New Testament, Yale Divinity School

"…A formidable tool for the twenty-first century that will—and must—be on the desk of every author and editor in the biblical fields, for it combines the most relevant material from the general style manuals with the essentials for publishing on biblical literature broadly conceived."

Eldon J. Epp, Harkness Professor Emeritus of Biblical Literature, Dean Emeritus of Humanities and Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.

"The SBL Handbook of Style is an astonishing book, a true 'one-stop' reference for authors preparing manuscripts in biblical studies and related fields. It covers an amazing range of topics, from what every literate scholar should know (but may not) to what only the most erudite expert in an obscure subfield of the discipline would be likely to know. Do you need to know how to cite an internet publication? Whose job it is to prepare the index and secure permissions? How to alphabetize Abraham ibn Ezra (and why)? What the abbreviation Aaeg stands for? It's all here. This volume should substantially reduce the incidence of tears and tantrums that so often beset the process of manuscript preparation. Before long biblical scholars will wonder how we ever got along without this indispensable reference work. Every graduate program should make The SBL Handbook of Style a required text."

Carol A. Newsom, Professor of Old Testament, Emory University



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