Reviews by the Andreolas

A review by Karen Andreola:

Beautiful Girlhood
Revised by Karen Andreola

There is a word of yesteryear seldom heard today. It is the word that represents what I desire my daughters to become. The word is "ladylike." So when I found the book Beautiful Girlhood , I was very happy. Reading Beautiful Girlhood brings back the charm and sentiment associated with this word. It was an old-fashioned book that held the ideals I believed in and only needed a little revision.

I read and contemplated its pages for my own edification. Among its topics—such as building character, strength in obedience, making friends with books, a sunny disposition, modest dress, a pure heart, and a consecrated life—are ideals any grown woman will find both convicting and comforting. When each daughter eventually approached the age of 12, I read its short chapters of gentle instruction aloud to her. It was our special time alone together.

Beautiful and noble possibilities are present in every girl for becoming a godly woman, for becoming ladylike. Encouragement and counsel await those who read Beautiful Girlhood . For the girl who reads this book, may your blossoming into womanhood, your example of sincerity, purity, and love, be a source of happiness for yourself and a star of hope to other girls.

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