Reviews by the Andreolas

A review by Dean Andreola:

Hints on Child Training
By H. Clay Trumbull

Browsing through stacks of musty old books in used bookstores is one of my favorite pastimes. You never know what treasures are buried until you dig them up. Hints on Child Training by Henry Clay Trumbull is one such treasure found in a dusty pile of books in a n antique shop. If you are like me and wish the author would "just get to the point," then this book is for you! Trumbull wrote these short, practical chapters in 1890, at the experienced age of 60, after raising eight children of his own. This book lays foundations for child-training that will last a lifetime. After publication, the publisher received a call from Elisabeth Elliot who informed them that Trumbull was her great-grandfather! He offers tender yet firm advice in chapters like "Self-Control," Courtesy," "Faith," "The Value of Table Talk," "Will-Training Rather Than Will-Breaking," "Never Punish in Anger," "Dealing Tenderly with a Child's Fears," "The influence of the Home Atmosphere," "The Power of Mother's Love," and much more! Gregg Harris writes, "…What Trumbull calls 'hints' are, in fact, precious jewels in our day, more precious because they are so fare. I have been greatly helped by this wonderful book." Approx. 180 pages, softcover from Great Expectations.

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