Reviews by the Andreolas

A review by Karen Andreola:

Christian Liberty Nature Readers

When I purchase books for our home school, they don't always end up to be books that have glossy, full-color pictures. Sometimes they are the more humble-looking ones. But very often, humble though they may appear, they possess a writing style capable of drawing my younger students into reading their assignments with satisfaction and enjoyment. Nature Readers are just this sort of book.

For example, Book 3 (average third grade reading level), a fisherman tells stories about Old King Crab, Mr. Barnacle and his son, and the flowers of the sea, which are really animals. At the end of one chapter, describing the business of ants, the author writes, "This seems like a fairy take, but it is quite true. All these things can be seen if you look out for them." Some questions in these readers give the student the opportunity for little tellings  (narration). These are the type of prompts: Describe a barnacle fishing party. What can you tell me about giant beetles? Why is it so hard to pull a worm out of his hole? How do ants treat each other while they are at work? Book 4 has more creatures. The author shares surprising observations of baby hummingbird activity. Book 5 describes the basic parts of the human body, as well as useful and varied parts of the bodies of animals. Approx. 200 pages each, softcovers from Christian Liberty Press.



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