This is a refreshing contemporary defense of the uniqueness of Christ against the background of our pluralistic society! If you want to understand Christ better, defend Him with more confidence, and worship Him with more single-mindedness, this book is for you!

        Josh McDowell

        Josh McDowell Ministry


Every so often a book is written that is must reading...this is one of them. It is clear, forceful, and incredibly relevant to the spiritual morass of today's society. I commend it fully.

        Adrian Rogers

        Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church


This is not a book about ecumenism or syncretism, but about Jesus Christ, the One who can not be compared with other "gods." Lutzer does a marvelous job, in a most readable manner, of reminding the open-minded seeker of truth that it is not "Jesus the Greatest" but "Jesus the Only."

        D. James Kennedy, PhD.

        Senior Minister, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church


I buy every book Erwin Lutzer writes. He makes me think...and act! Christ Among Other gods puts the Lord Jesus in His place. He is preeminent, powerful, and precious above all other gods. This is Lutzer at his Christ-exalting best!

        O.S. Hawkins

        Pastor, First Baptist Church, Dallas


At last, a positive defense of the truth of Christian uniqueness that is accessible to the average reader. No longer can we assume that the Christian claims are understood or accepted as "givens" even in our own evangelical circles, and Dr. Lutzer doesn't take anything for granted. Serious in its research, probing in its arguments, reasonable in its treatment of objections, and warm in its devotion to Christ.: .must reading for every pastor or layperson committed to communicating Christ as the world's only hope.

        Michael Horton

        Christians United for Reformation


I hiqhly recommend this book for non-Christians who wish to understand why the Christian faith is different and cannot be successfully amalgamated with other religions. But I recommend this book even more for every concerned Christian who desires to know how to defend his or her faith in an increasingly pluralistic and tolerant culture.

        John Ankerberg

        The John Ankerberg Show


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