Reviews by the Andreolas

A review by Dean Andreola:

The Big Book of Questions & Answers: A Family Guide to the Christian Faith
By Sinclair B. Ferguson

In my role as a father and homeschool dad, I have looked for years for a useful guide that would assist me in teaching orthodox Christian truths to my young children. Bible storybooks were fine, but I still felt something deeper was needed: something that would teach simple doctrines, and challenge them to put their tender faith into action. Then I discovered The Big Book of Questions & Answers by Sinclair B. Ferguson. Although he is a noted Bible scholar, Mr. Ferguson teaches God's truths in such a gentle way that even 5- to 10-yearolds can understand and relate to them. Illustrated for kids, this book can also be used as a guide for daily or weekly devotions. He answers your children's questions on a variety of Bible-related subjects, combining activities and prayers that will help reinforce the lessons. This is a great book for the homeschool dad (or mom) who is looking to spend some quality time in the Lord with the kids.

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