Reviews by the Andreolas

A review by Dean Andreola:

The Original Home Schooling Series, 6 Volumes
By Charlotte Mason

Even though 10 years have passed, I can still remember sitting in the dimly lit back room of the library of Charlotte Mason College, in the English Lake District. Reading through these rare old volumes (that had been out of print for nearly 80 years) was like stepping into a time machine. Karen had sent me to find some of the books for use in her school. I came home not only with the books (on loan from the archives), but with a resolve to share my find with other interested homeschooling families.

Although Charlotte began writing in the 1880s, her principles for "bringing up" children still apply today. Charlotte's writings will challenge your thinking. Her books are not easy, light reading. Because they are meaty, whatever ideas are picked up by the reader radiate brilliantly in the thoughts of those who ponder them. Charlotte speaks from a lifetime of experience with children. She loved children and children loved her. Therefore, each idea is accompanied by a practical "how to," offering heartfelt guidance to anyone teaching children. 

Years of sifting through the 2,400 pages of the set have enabled us to pick up pearls of wisdom. It is on her original writing that my wife's book, A Charlotte Mason Companion , is based. Six volumes may seem overwhelming, but not if you take one aspect at a time. Good manners, power of attention, moral character, proper discipline, thirst for knowledge, love of God, constructive habits are just a few of the topics exhaustively presented. It represents her life's work. Each volume is well-indexed, making it easy to use this set as a reference. 2400 pages total, six slipcased softcovers from Charlotte Mason Research.


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