Reviews by the Andreolas

A review by Karen Andreola:

For the Layman Bible Course
By Kenneth Levy

All during their growing years, my children have been hearing the stories of the Old Testament. I decided it was time my junior high and high school students were given a systematic overview to pull these stories together. For the Layman met my expectations. I found it to be more interesting and clearly presented than the survey course I took in college! Three mornings a week we listened to a portion of one of the four cassettes. (We took the course in small bites.) On the tapes, the author explained to us the significant historical events of the Hebrew People. We were led through all the books of the Old Testament.

I like Mr. Levy's gentle enthusiasm. It's contagious and testifies of his reverence for the Word of God. His purpose for the course is both for information (for the head) as well as transformation (of the heart). Questions on the weekly written exams include those of spiritual application. For example, the questions "How many sons did Jacob have?" "Which of these sons held a position of high authority?" "Through which son did the messianic line come?" were accompanied by "Explain what is meant by the Promised Seed and how it illustrates the love of God." At the end of the semester, I happily ordered a handsome certificate from For the Layman for each of my students. After using this stimulating yet non-intimidating course, my children are prepared to go on to more in-depth and theological material. (This course is presented in a non-denominational, non-doctrinal format from conservative evangelical scholarship.)  76 pages (plus exams and answer sheets) and four audiocassettes in a 3-ring binder.



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