Prayer 171
1 Kings 17-18

      Sometimes we have to take a chance and help people.  The widow in Samaria who gave Elijah some of her food and water must have wondered if she would have enough for herself and her family.  She might have worried that her own supplies would dry up.  It would have been easy for her to tell Elijah to go away.  But she had a feeling that You had sent him, Lord, so she shared with him what she had.  You rewarded her when You brought her son back to life after he had died!  When she saw that miracle, she knew she had done the right thing.  I hope that I can be generous to others every day, Lord - even if I don't see a miracle happen.  You put us on this earth together to take care of each other.  You answer our prayers in wonderful ways, dear God.  We can count on You to look after our every need.

                         Prayer 172
1 Kings 18

      Dear Lord, we are so quick to blame others when things go wrong.  We tattle and point fingers at each other.  "She did it,"  we'll say.  King Ahab blamed Elijah for the terrible drought.  Elijah was not the cause of it.  As Your prophet, he just brought the news to the people that the drought would happen because they disobeyed.  Next time, God, I pray that I look at myself before I start blaming someone else.

                         Prayer 233
Daniel 1

      Dear Lord, people today want the best houses or the finest cars.  But what the world calls the "best" is not always what You call the best, Heavenly Father.  Daniel and his friends were told they could live like kings and learn how things were done in Bablylon.  But they wanted to follow Your ways.  They knew they did not need to live like kings.  You look for the purest hearts and the kindest souls.  Dear Lord, I pray that the next time I ask my mother for more videos or action figures, I remember the story of Daniel and how humble he was.

                         Prayer 296
Luke 7

      Dear Lord, some people wondered why Jesus spent so much time with outcasts.  Many people thought that if He was truly Your Son, those people weren't worth His time.  Even thought the Jewish leaders did not like it, Jesus often forgave people who had committed many, many sins.  Some people make little mistakes, and some make big ones.  If the people who make big mistakes are truly sorry, You will forgive them too, Heavenly Father.  You want all people to be by Your side.  Thank You, Lord, for being so loving.



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