Dangerous Journey
An Arrangement of Pilgrim's Progress by Oliver Hunkin
Illustrated by Alan Parry



How his burden had got on his back in the first place, and why nobody else had burdensóas happens in dreamsówe are not told. But never had he been so eager as he was now to be rid of it. And thatódid he but know itówas half the battle.

Now I saw in my dream that the road, from then on, was fenced on either side with a wall. The wall was named Salvation. Along this road did burdened Christian run. Or should we say, he did his best to run, so far as he could, with that load upon his back.

At the foot of a hill, he passed an open tomb. Then up again, upon a little knoll,he found himself beneath a wayside cross. And as its shadow fell across him, so suddenly the burden, slipping from his shoulders, fell from off his back. It tumbled down the hill. It tumbled into the mouth of the tomb. It was never seen again.

Christian kept feeling behind his back. He couldn't believe it. For it was very surprising to him that the simple act of gazing at the cross had set him free, and his burden of guilt was gone.

As he stood there in amazement, behold three Shining Ones appeared. The first one said:

Your soul is now swept clean of sin.

The second stripped him of his mud-stained rags, and gave him bright new clothes. The third one handed him a parchment.

Guard it carefully, he said , and surrender it only when you have reached the gate of the Celestial City.

Great dangers lay ahead of him but for the moment he was light as air. So Christian gave three leaps for joy, and went on singing.


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