The Granny Game

By Beverly Lewis

It was Friday morning. School was out for a teacher work day.

Abby brushed her sister's hair. "Hold still. I'll make a ponytail."

"Ouch, you're hurting me!" Carly wailed.

"Sorry. I'll be more careful," Abby promised. She tried to keep her mind on Carly's wavy blond hair. It was so pretty.

She tried not to think about the long weekend.

"When's Grandma coming?" asked Carly.

"Right after breakfast," Abby replied.

"She won't make that horrible dish, will she?" Carly asked.

"Which one?" Abby laughed. "They're all icky, aren't they?"

Carly pinched her nose. "What if we die from Grandma's cooking?" She was laughing, too.

Abby shushed her. "Don't say it so loud."

"Why?óbecause Mommy and Daddy might not go on their trip?"

Carly's eyes spelled mischief.

"Grandma won't poison us," Abby assured her. "You know that!"

"Maybe . . . maybe not," added Carly, frowning.

"She loves us, you silly sister," Abby insisted.

Carly nodded. "I know. But she cooks terrible stuff."

Abby understood Carly's worry.

What a weekend ahead!

When Carly's ponytail was done, Abby snapped in a bow. "Now you're ready for our prissy grandma."

Carly looked in the dresser mirror. "Goody!" She touched her hair and the bow. Then she turned toward Abby. "Why didn't Mommy ask Granny Mae to come?"

Abby smiled. "I think you know why."

Carly wrinkled up her nose. "I do?"

Abby leaned down. She whispered in her sister's ear. "Granny Mae is crazy for sweets. She only has eyes for junk food and goodies."

"That's not why!" Carly insisted. "It can't be!"

"Ask Mom," Abby said. "You'll find out."

Carly shook her head. "You ask."

"I don't have to. I know I'm right," Abby said.

Carly tossed her head. Her ponytail brushed against her cheek. "Okay, I'll see for myself." She dashed out of the bedroom.

Abby sat on the bed and sighed.

When would her sister ever believe her?



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