God in the World
& in the Word

"I don't believe in God!"  That was my declaration as a confused and angry teenager.  However, I found my unbelief hard to maintain.  My adolescent hungers weren't satisfied in the "normal" places like music, friends, or school.  But during my first year of college, God began to reveal himself to me in ways that I couldn't deny.  After a year of his constant calling, I yielded.

GROUP DISCUSSION.  C.S. Lewis writes, "Avoiding [God], in many times and places, has proved so difficult that a very large part of the human race has failed to achieve it."  What influences and events have led you to faith in God?

PERSONAL REFLECTION.  Both head and heart are required for a healthy relationship with God.  Sit quietly and then consider:  What do I feel toward God right now?

General revelation refers to the way that God makes his existence known in the world.  Special revelation is the term for how God makes his will known to his people.  Psalm 19 is a meditative reflection by the psalmist on both special and general revelation.  Read Psalm 19.

1.  How does the psalmist help us perceive the presence of the invisible God?



2.  The psalmist views the world as we might view a work of art (v. 1).  How does seeing the world in this way help us to appreciate God's glory?



3.  The psalmist says the creation speaks in every language and in very corner of the world (v. 2).  What can anyone in the world know about God through creation?



4.  What are some things about God that can't be known through creation?



5.  The sun gets special attention (vv. 4-6). How is God's glory particularly revealed in the sun?



6.  Which aspects of creation have helped you learn the most about God and his glory?  Explain.



7.  In verses 7-14 the psalmist shifts his focus from the way God makes himself known in creation to the way he reveals himself in his law.  What words does the psalmist use to describe God's law?



8.  According to the psalmist, what are the benefits of knowing God's law?


What benefits have you received from God's law?



9.  Why would reflecting on God's creation and his law cause David to think about his own responsibility before God (vv. 11-13)?


How do both nature and God's law bring up the idea of sin and our need of forgiveness?



10.  God is a person who is making an effort to be known.  What should you be willing to do to know him better?


Tell God that you want to know him better.  Ask him to open your eyes to a sense of his presence and your mind to the understanding of his character.

Now or Later
The sense of God's presence is all around us, but for many reasons we are dull in our spiritual perception.  Keep a record this week of every time that God comes to mind.  At the end of the week review your notes and see if there are special actions or places that are a special means of God's presence in your life.

Christian Beliefs by Stephen Eyre.  InterVarsity Press, 2001.

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