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Draw & Write Through History Vol. 5
Draw & Write Through History Vol. 5
CBD Price: $9.19

Streams of Civilization Vol. 2
Streams of Civilization Vol. 2
CBD Price: $19.99

Mystery of History Vol. 1
Mystery of History Vol. 1
CBD Price: $37.49


Mystery of History Sale

Mystery of History Vol. 2
Mystery of History Vol. 2 Bright Ideas Press $36.99 Add To Cart

Save 30% off the retail price of Mystery of History Print Textbooks during February! Written from a Christian, young-earth, perspective, teach children to see God's hand throughout history.

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Streams of Civilization I
Streams of Civilization I Christian Liberty Press $19.99 Add To Cart

Deal of the Week! Save 30% off the retail price of Christian Liberty Press' Streams of Civilization curriculum from February 20th through Ferbuary 27th.

Mystery of History Texts

Deal of the Week


Draw & Write

D&WTH Vol. 3: The Vikings, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance

Re-create the past as you Draw & Write Through History! February 15th through 29th, save 30% off the retail price and add some interactive fun to your school day.

Elections & Government

Presidential Election Process Lapbook (6-12th)

This is an election year; take the opportunity to talk to your children not only about current events, but the very process of electing a president!

Draw & Write Through History

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Black History Month

Sit-In Hachette Books $15.29 Add To Cart

Very much a part of the grand scope of American history studied throughout the year, February provides a wonderful opportunity to specifically focus on the struggles, successes, and contributions of African-Americans in the past and present.

Homeschool Games

Spot It!
Spot It! Blue Orange Games $11.99 Add To Cart

Enhance your classes with games designed to help kids learn! Our Homeschool Games store features classics like Settlers of Catan as well as subject-specific games that provide a fun way to learn new concepts.

Black History Month

Educational Games


Shurley English

Shurley English Level 5 Kit
Shurley English Level 5 Kit Shurley Instructional Material $55.69 Add To Cart

Nurture a love of the English language, along with an understanding of how it's correctly used, with Shurley English. Appealing to all styles of learners, students will practice old and new skills, developing a mastery of English in reading, writing and thinking skills.

Rosetta Stone

Spanish Levels 1-3
Spanish Levels 1-3 Fairfield Language Technology $170.00 Add To Cart

Rosetta Stone's interactive, immersion-method course has helped thousands of students to easily master a new language. Vivid imagery, native voices, and real-life exercises foster speaking, understanding, reading, and writing!

Shurley English

Rosetta Stone