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Richmond WanderaRaised in the slums of Uganda, Richmond Wandera was left to care for his six siblings alongside his mother after his father was tragically murdered. Roaming countless days in search of food for his family, Richmond soon entered the Compassion-assisted child development center at his local church. Four months later he was sponsored by a teenage girl from the West Coast of the United States. Through the financial support, correspondance, love and prayers of this young girl, Richmond was released from poverty and was ultimately able to come to the saving knowledge of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Through Compassion's Leadership Development Program, Richmond was able to continue his education by attending a University and now holds a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. Today, he is completing a degree through Moody Bible Institute and plans to return to Uganda to disciple and train local pastors to teach God's word with integrity, and ultimately change his nation for the glory of Christ!





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