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Life and Livelihood: A Handbook for Spirituality at WorkLife and Livelihood: A Handbook for Spirituality at Work
Whitney Roberson
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Whitney Wherrett Robertson, an Episcopal priest, is associate pastor of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and coordinator of the Spirituality at Work program in the Episcopal Diocese of California.

Preaching Through Holy Days and HolidaysPreaching Through Holy Days and Holidays
Roger Alling, David J. Schlafer
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In this eleventh book in the Sermons that Work Series, editors Alling and Schlafer, have collected thirty-five sermons primarily focused on the sacred days of the church calendar.

Roger Alling is the President of the Episcopal Preaching Foundation and has edited every book in the series. He currently serves as priest associate in southwest Florida.

David J. Schlafer has taught homiletics at a number of seminaries in several denominationas and at the College of Preachers. He is the co-editor of this book.

Gathering the Next Generation: Essays on the Formation and Ministry of GenX PriestsGathering the Next Generation: Essays on the Formation and Ministry of GenX Priests
Edited by Nathan Humphrey
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This collection of essays was written by a group of priests who are relatively rare in the Episcopal Church--priests under 35 years of age. In 1997 only 296 Episcopal clergy were from the group commonly known as Generation X; they compromise only 3.5% of the ordained people in full time ministry in the Church. Inspired by that statistic some GenX priests and seminariarns organized a conference called Gathering the NeXt Generation, which was held at Virginia Theological Seminary in June 1997. These essays, while not the actual papers given at the conference, are the result of that conversation and others that continued among GenX priests in the Episcopal Church.

The New Altar Guild BookThe New Altar Guild Book
Barbara Gent, Betty Sturges
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This update of a classic guide on altar guild ministry offers a lively blend of liturgical history, sacramental theology and practical hints. The authors combine how to advice with creatve ideas on preparing for the traditional liturgies and simpler, special occasion services.

A Wing and a PrayerA Wing and a Prayer
Katharine Jefferts Schori
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Katharine Jefferts Schori is a bishop on the move---she pilots her plane to remote parishes around the sprawling diocese of Nevada and shares her passionate message of reconciliation and peace. As the first female primate in the 500-year history of Anglicanism, she'll have the opportunity to speak to a far wider audience. This book will be the vehicle for introducing Bishop Jefferts Schori and her platform to the wider Church.

"Writing to the community of faithful, hopeful Christians everywhere, Katharine Jefferts Schori reflects on God's love for us as we know it in Jesus Christ and as we seek to live it out in our mission and ministry. Inspirational and thought provoking, A Wing and a Prayer speaks to the critical role of faith and hope in addressing the world's great needs."
-The Rt. Rev. Robert H. Johnson, Bishop (retired), Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina

Welcome to the BibleWelcome to the Bible
Vicki K. Black, Peter Wenner
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The Bible can be an intimidating book. New Episcopalians may be nervous about opening the Bible; others simply don't know how to begin. In this small introduction to the Bible, Black and Wenner invite the reader to begin investigating the Bible for themselves. 122 pages. Softcover from Morehouse Publishing.

Vicki K. Black is the author of Welcome to the Church Year and Welcome to the Book of Common Prayer. An Episcopal deacon, she lives in Maine.

Peter W. Wenner has served in parishes in Michigan and Wisconsin and is an Episcopal priest in the diocese of Massachusetts.

A Manual for Eucharistic Ministers and VisitorsA Manual for Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors
Beth Wickenberg Ely
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A Manual for Eucharistic Visitors offers practical guidance on preparing for and administering Holy Communion in home, hospital, and other settings. This guide, updated to include changes to the canons, also offers suggestions on how to prepare oneself spiritually to present the sacrament, what to do when visitng the sick or shut-in parishioner with the Eucharist, and how to prepare a sacred space in someone's home or hospital room.

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