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Baptist Church ManualBaptist Church Manual
J. Newton Brown
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This classic manual has sold over one-million copies and is designed to be presented to new and prospective church members. Contains The New Hampshire Declaration of Faith Suggested Covenant, Rules of Order, and Forms of Church Letters.

Our Baptist Tradition: Revised EditionOur Baptist Tradition: Revised Edition
William Powell Tuck
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Baptists have a rich and wonderful heritage. But many who attend Baptist churches are unfamiliar with this legacy. There are many fine books on Baptist history but few are willing to read these lengthy books. Baptist pastor and seminary professor, William Powell Tuck presents the Baptist heritage in this succinct 115 page book. Included in this revised edition is a leaders guide terrific for facilitating group discusion and study.


A Distictively Baptist ChurchA Distictively Baptist Church
Ronnie Prevost
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So many Baptists today have forgotten what it means--beyond the mode of baptism--to be Baptist. They have forgotten their heritage. Countless Baptist forebears bought and wrote that heritage with their blood. It is not so much whether or not we remember and honor their names; what is important is whether we honor the legacy they left us.A Distinctively Baptist Church explains how historically Baptist beliefs can and should shape the way a church functions; the study questions and downloadable teaching guide offer churches a means to work through how their Baptist heritage will shape their life and witness.

Baptist Church ManualBaptist Church Manual
James M. Pendleton
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A look at the nature, officers, doctrines, ordinances, government, discipline, and duties of a Baptist church organization. Includes business meetings, forms, a marriage ceremony, and province of associations and councils.

Readings in Baptist History: Four Centuries of Selected DocumentsReadings in Baptist History: Four Centuries of Selected Documents
Joe Early
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Compiling 400 years of historic materials, Early offers a wealth of primary sources dealing with the broad group of Christians who call themselves Baptists. Includes the writings of John Smyth, Roger Williams, Lottie Moon, Martin Luther King, Jr., and many more; plus documents concerning theology, origins, conflicts, denominations, important events, defining issues, and key personalities. 288 pages, softcover from B&H.

Ready for Reformation?: Bringing Authentic Reform to Southern Baptist ChurchesReady for Reformation?: Bringing Authentic Reform to Southern Baptist Churches
Tom Nettles
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Tom Nettles believes that Southern Baptist churches are still in the midst of reformation--reformation that began with the conservative resurgence but continues today. It continues because reformation requires much more than the recovery of biblical authority. Reformation must penetrate deep: it requires time, patience, sacrifice, and honest self-criticism. Modern day reformers must enact a serious reengagement with doctrinal and practical ideas of the past, for failure to do so may result in an aborted reformation.


The Baptist DeaconThe Baptist Deacon
Robert E. Naylor
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Dr. Naylor was influenced from childhood by men in the divinely originated office of deacon. Starting with the need for deacons today, Dr. Naylor examines their qualifications and selection, the proper number and tenure, as well as, every area of their work, beliefs, home life--and rewards. knowing the great opportunities fro service which God opens to deacons, Dr. Taylor outlines the Biblical standard set for those called to this unique service, a standard intended as both a guide and an inspiration.

Church Members' HandbookChurch Members' Handbook
Joe T. Odle
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Are your members' roles defined before certificates are signed? Ideal for Baptists preparing to officially join their church, Odle's classic booklet will help them understand this important step in their spiritual life. Eight simple chapters discuss the meaning of membership; Christian growth; Baptist history and doctrine; God's plan for church finance; and more. 32 pages, softcover from B&H.

Definite Decisions for New Church MembersDefinite Decisions for New Church Members
Jerome Williams

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A booklet for new church members goes over the various decisions to be made by new members. How to follow through with membership and what that means in light of being a member of the Baptist church. Includes a section on Church Covenant, Decisions to Do, the Fundamental Facts. Also includes a certification page.

The New Hiscox Guide for Baptist ChurchesThe New Hiscox Guide for Baptist Churches
Everett C. Goodwin
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The New Hiscox Guide for Baptist Churches is in keeping with the author's desire to supply a text that gives pastors and church leaders the most useable information possible. Goodwin captures the essence of Hiscox's thought and style while addressing the issues that concern today's churches.

Principles & Practices for Baptist ChurchesPrinciples & Practices for Baptist Churches
Edward Hiscox
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This indispensible guide to the adminstration of Baptist churches contains a wealth of information that is also applicable to all churches who follow an independent or congregational church polity. Hiscox's classic work, organized by subject for quick reference, not only presents the principles of self goveranance for the independent church, but also discusses other crucial topics such as church membership, baptism, the Lord's Supper, ordination, and church discipline. Helpful appendixes include historical Baptist statements of belief; rules of order; and sample forms, including a letter of commendation, meeting minutes, and a certificate of ordination.

First Freedom: The Baptist Perspective on Religious LibertyFirst Freedom: The Baptist Perspective on Religious Liberty
Edited by T. White, J.B. Duesing & M.B. Yarnell III
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First Freedom is an important gathering of messages from a recent conference on religious liberty held at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Editor Jason B. Duesing explains: "The purpose of this collection is, first, to provide an introductory look into the biblical and historical foundations of religious liberty combined with several instances of contemporary expression and defense for the purpose of instruction, edification, and encouragement to all who take the time to read this volume.

"Second, however, we wish to remind Baptists in the twenty-first century of the price that was paid by their forefathers for the establishment and defense of religious liberty. To be sure, there were people of various religious and denominational preferences that providence used to implement the religious freedoms now enjoyed by all, but for Baptists to overlook the contribution of their own would be a travesty."

The editors of this volume are all associated with Soutwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Thomas White is vice president for student services and a professor of Baptist and Free Church studies. Jason G. Duesing is chief of staff in the Office of the President. Dr. Malcolm Yarnell is assistant dean for theological studies, director of the Center for Theological Research, and director of the Oxford Study Program, as well as an associate professor of Systematic Theology.

Contributors include: Emir Caner, Richard Land, Paige Patterson, Paul Pressler, and others.

The Baptist Confession of Faith, 1689The Baptist Confession of Faith, 1689
Edited by Peter Masters
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A facsimile edition of the second London confession, originally penned in 1677. It is a succinct, vital summary---accompanied by scriptural proofs---of those beliefs that would eventually be accepted by millions around the world. Difficult phrases are explained in brackets. Includes a brief history and an index. 53 pages, softcover. Wakeman Trust.

Restoring Integrity in Baptist ChurchesRestoring Integrity in Baptist Churches
Thomas White, Jason G. Duesing, Malcolm B. Yarnell III
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Strategies for church growth abound, some grounded in healthy biblical principles, others may compromise Scripture's standards. What events and trends have challenged Baptist churches' integrity for the sake of growth? How can the local church address this drift and regain its theological purity? How can the church address the challenges present by modern culture? The staff and faculty of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary address these issues.
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