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Our society's religious diversity has complicated our understanding of what it means to "care for souls." What core values and skills should pastoral counselors embody? Inspired by Ann Belford Ulanov's work, this introductory text explores how "healing wisdom" influences ministry practices, human flourishing, and suffering and evil. Contributors include Rodney Hunter, Pamela Cooper-White, and David Augsburger.

This explanation of classic theory features many relevant essays on persons, ideas, and applications. Not only is the text organized according to introductory counseling courses, but it is also a reference tool of enduring value.

Sin, Pride, &
Terry D. Cooper $3.99!

What's the root problem of our human condition? Do we essentially suffer from pride or lack of self-esteem? Affirming Christian conviction while critically engaging modern psychological theory, Cooper offers insights ranging from Augustine to Freud to explore an issue that powerfully informs our preaching, teaching, marriage, parenting, politics, and more.


Alvin Dueck and Kevin Reimer in A Peaceable Psychology: Christian Therapy in a World of Many Cultures sound a clarion call to Christian clinicians to practice a very sensitive form of treatment...

By means of personal story, theological reflection and practical suggestions for caregivers, Greene-McCreight takes readers into her mind as she plunges from frantic ecstasy, to profound despair. With firm but never facile faith, she offers hope...More...

Dawn, who knows what it is to suffer from debilitating physical suffering, offers a remarkable book that seeks to help people  who suffer from both physical and psychological illness navigate their faith journey through suffering.

Bridge the impasse between conflicting theories of Christian counseling. Johnson's first-rate work of scholarship surveys the major paradigms in the field, and then offers a framework for soul care that's thoroughly researched, historically informed... More...

Modern psychology often seems at odds with Christian perspectives on human nature. Can Christian counselors bridge the gap between the two without compromising their beliefs? Representing different viewpoints, four contributing scholars...More...

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Basics of Biblical Hebrew

Two fully integrated video based lecture series providing easy-to-follow lessons from the classic texts Basics of Biblical Hebrew and Basics of Biblical Greek

Basics of Biblical Greek

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The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [ISBE], 4 Vols.

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#1. International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [ISBE], 4 Vols.
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Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, 10 Volumes

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#2. Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, 10 Vols.
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Church Dogmatics, 14 Volumes

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#3. Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics, 14 Vols.
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The Baker Illustrated Bible Commentary

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#4. Baker Illustrated Bible Commentary
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Romans, 2 Volumes

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#5. Donald Barnhouse: Romans
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