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NIV Faith in Action Study Bible: Living God's Word in a Changing World - eBookNIV Faith in Action Study Bible: Living God's Word in a Changing World - eBook

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Published in partnership with World Vision, The NIV Faith In Action Study Bible helps you deepen your understanding of God's Word and cultivate a thoughtful, genuinely Christian lifestyle in a world challenged by wars, conflict, greed, lust, injustice, poverty and affluence.

Its unique, passage by passage commentary note system links the unchanging meaning and context of the Bible to the world of the 21st century and then helps you apply it. The "There and Then" notes help you understand the significance of Scripture as it unfolded in its ancient time and context. The "Here and Now" notes help you translate God's eternal Word in practical actions - and actions into a way of living that reflects God's heart.

Features include: Over 75 full page articles share practical advice, inspiriting profiles, and classic writings to help you live your faith every day. Over 75 brief snapshots share glimpses of the lives of people around the world who've lived out a high impact faith, as well as everyday recipients of Christian love in action. 16 full color Geo-Graphics pages have you a view of the world from a historical statistical and demographic perspectives. Over 175 charts, graphs and tables highlight thought provoking worldwide realities and help you to evaluate your spiritual life and grow as a disciple. 29 reading tracks with corresponding study guides help you organize individual or group studies on relevant topics. Book introductions including at a glance timelines and outlines Concordance, Subject and feature Index. Readable, single column format with side references.

The Faith In Action Study Bible is a real world Bible for the individual who wants to translate Scriptural truth into a carefully considered and deeply committed lifestyle. Its "commentary style" notes reveal the original context of Scripture passages and then connect those passages to life today. This unique approach gives you a deeply rooted understanding of how the passage applies to contemporary issues and personal growth. You'll discover the relationship between history, culture, and the Biblical narrative.

You'll obtain insights into God's heart for our world that transcend times and customs. Designed in a highly readable passage by passage (rather than verse by verse) commentary style, the footnotes of this Bible are its centerpeice. Also included are full page articles by respected Christian authors that help you live out a wise and vibrate faith on your journey through this multifaceted world. The articles also profile people who've moved from looking at Christianity as a view of life to embracing it as a way of life and they infuse classic writings on Christianity with fresh relevance.

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