Stress Less: Breaking the Power of Worry, Anxiety and Other Destructive HabitsStress Less: Breaking the Power of Worry, Anxiety and Other Destructive Habits
Don Colbert M.D.
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Do you want a stress-free life? Americans are the most stressed people in the worldóbetween 75 and 90 percent of all visits to primary-care physicians are due to stress-related disorders.

Best-selling author Dr. Don Colbert explains why this epidemic of stress is out of control, and he exposes stress as the culprit behind many debilitating and killer diseases. Until now there has not been a book that has offered "all the pieces of the puzzle"ónow Stress Less addresses stress from a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual standpoint.


  • What leads to adrenal fatigue?
  • How does cortisol really affect your body?
  • Are your relationships stressful?
  • Do you rehash hurtful memories?
  • How can using relaxation and exercise help reduce your physical, mental, and emotional strain?
  • How can you experience the peace of God?

    Using scientific evidence, anecdotal stories, biblical principles, and practical proven theories, Dr. Colbert, who "lived, walked through, and overcame extreme stress," will challenge and convince you to make lifelong changes. You can live in harmony and peace!