Jenna's Cowboy, The Callahans of Texas Series #1Jenna's Cowboy, The Callahans of Texas Series #1
Sharon Gillenwater
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When Jenna Callahan's father sent Nate Langley away years ago, she never expected to see him again. But now he's back in town, and their attraction is as strong as ever. Will Nate be able to heal from the horrors he witnessed during two tours of military duty and become the man he believes Jenna deserves? 352 pages, softcover from Revell.

 Jenna's Cowboy Discussion Questions: Sharon Gillenwater


1. Jenna was outgoing and confident in high school and college. But her husband’s constant
derision, along with his infidelity and the divorce, made her feel worthless and a failure. Have you
ever felt that way? How did you overcome it? How did God help you? Are there any Scripture
verses that encouraged you?


2. As a single mom, Jenna is greatly blessed to have a loving and helpful family. But not all single
parents have that kind of support. Do you know a single parent who is trying to deal with
everything on her/his own? What are some things others can do to help?


3. When Nate was in high school, Dub basically told him that he wasn’t good enough for Jenna.
And Nate agreed. Is there something you desperately want but don’t think you deserve because
you aren’t good enough? How can you change—or change that perception—to reach your goal?


4. Though post-traumatic stress disorder doesn’t happen to everyone who has been traumatized,
it can happen to someone who has been through war, natural disasters, rape, mugging,
kidnapping, being held captive, serious car accidents, train wrecks, plane crashes, child abuse, etc.
Or it could stem from witnessing something such a plane crash. People often will have many of
the symptoms right after the traumatic experience, but it isn’t considered PTSD unless the
symptoms last for a month or longer. Have you ever experienced anything traumatic like this?
How did you feel afterward? Did those feelings and problems eventually fade away? Or do some
of them still trouble you? If so, what have you done, or what can you do to get help?


5. Nate knew he was having problems, but he thought if he toughed it out, they would go away.
Even when he finally admitted to himself that he probably had PTSD, he wanted to leave his
family and friends and go off by himself so he wouldn’t put anyone in danger. Why is it
important for someone with PTSD (or some other issue) to recognize that they have a problem
and admit that they need help? Why was he afraid to seek help?



6. Why did he think Jenna and the Callahans wouldn’t want anything to do with him after his
blowup with Chance and Will?


7. When Nate’s PTSD symptoms became obvious to the Callahans, they rallied around him. If
someone you know is showing symptoms of PTSD, how can you help them? What can you do if
they don’t want your help or if they even drive you away?


8. Experts tell us that people with chronic PTSD are never the same; it never leaves them. Do
you believe this is true? If not, how do you think people can be restored to normal? What is
God’s role in their healing?


9. One of the common manifestations of PTSD is sudden, irrational anger, such as when Nate
threw Chance and Will to the floor. What should Chance have done to diffuse the situation before
it became violent? Does the Bible give us some guidelines about that?


10. Nate clung to his faith and asked God to help him deal with his problems and make them go
away. But they kept getting worse. Why do you think God allowed that to happen instead of
simply healing him right away?


11. Even in Nate’s darkest hour, Jesus was his anchor. How do we develop a faith that strong?


12. Callahan Crossing gave Nate a hero’s welcome when he came home, as they had done for
other hometown military personnel. Does your town or community do something to honor our
servicemen and women or veterans? If not, can you think of some things you might do?


13. When the fire struck Callahan Crossing, those who hadn’t been affected immediately pitched
in with donations of all kinds. But it quickly became apparent that neighbor-helping-neighbor
didn’t just apply to the people of their local community. People from all over the state and the
country helped with goods and money. Church members from other towns later came to help
people rebuild. Have you or your church ever participated in such a rebuilding project? What
other things can people do to help those hit with disaster?


14. Zach is a very talkative little boy. Every child is special in their own unique way. Do you
have something fun to share about a child in your life? (I based Zach on my grandson. Yes, he
talked that well at that age and did all those cute things. I took meticulous notes.ϑ And that’s my
grandma-brag for today.)

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