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Health Care You Can Live With
Health Care You Can Live With
CBD Price: $1.99

Chronic Pain: Living by Faith When Your Body Hurts
Chronic Pain: Living by Faith When Your Body Hurts
CBD Price: $2.99

Coping with Chronic Illness
Coping with Chronic Illness
CBD Price: $9.99

Healthy Living

God's Guide to Food, Fitness & Faith for Women

Three of the most important areas of a woman's life are gently formulated in one place to challenge, hold accountable and encourage women to discipline their emotional, physical and spiritual life into a better sense of health. Health is a gift from God, so we cannot take it for granted or squander it. This book will help women focus on all aspects of healthy living and embrace those principles to bring balance to their lives.

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Cancer Resources

My God is True: Lessons Learned Along Cancer's Dark Road

My God Is True! is one man's chronicle of cancer and the lessons he learned through it. In these pages Paul Wolfe tells his story of diagnosis, treatment and survival. Read this story and be reminded that there is good reason--even in the midst of suffering--to worship and rejoice.

Heart Health

The New Bible Cure for Heart Disease
The New Bible Cure for Heart Disease Dr. Don Colbert $7.19 Save 20%! Add To Cart

Cardiovascular disease is one of the most treatable and preventable of all illnesses. Incorporating the latest medical findings with the timeless wisdom of the Bible, The New Bible Cure for Heart Disease contains information that you may have never been told, including the hidden cause of heart disease (no, it's NOT cholesterol!), and Dr. Colbert's top risk factors for heart disease-and how to beat them with nutrition. This highly anticipated revised and expanded edition from the Bible Cure series is available to help you get healthy-body, mind, and spirit.

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Dr. Don Colbert

Eat This--and Live! Simple Food Choices That Can Help You Feel Better, Look Younger, and Live Longer!

Want to improve your health and your chances for longevity? Don't live to eat, eat to live! Steering you away from dead, processed "Franken-food," Dr. Colbert reveals what Scripture says about food; recommends what to consume heartily, eat in moderation, or avoid entirely; and shares shopping and meal preparation tips. A nutritious serving of up-to-date advice!

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