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Award-winning author Kathi Macias has written more than 17 books, including Beyond Me, the best-selling devotional A Moment a Day, and the popular “Matthews” mystery novels. She has written commentary for Thomas Nelson’s Spirit-Filled Life Bible (Student Edition) and was part of the devotional writing team for Zondervan’s New Women’s Devotional Bible. She has ghostwritten for several prominent individuals including Josh McDowell. Kathi has won many awards, including the Angel Award from Excellence in Media, fiction awards from the San Diego Christian Writers Guild, and the grand prize in an international writing contest. With women’s ministry as her primary interest, Kathi is a popular speaker for women’s retreats, conferences, and churches. A mother and grandmother, Kathi and her husband, Al, call California home. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?
I was born and raised in Southern California in the beach heydays of the fifties and sixties. Though I grew up in a close-knit family, we were not Christians. I attended church with friends whenever I had the chance, but it wasn’t until I was 26 years old that I received Jesus as my Savior. I published my first book in 1988, a women’s devotional that became one of Regal Book’s best sellers, and have been writing, editing, and publishing ever since. How did you become interested in writing?

I’ve wanted to write for as long as I can remember. I was ill quite a bit as a child and consequently spent a lot of time reading. When I ran out of books to read, I decided to write my own. By the time I was in junior high I had already announced to my then boyfriend (now husband) that I would be a writer some day. What compelled you to write a book on this subject?

I’m the firstborn, the only girl in the family, and an absolute control freak, as my husband will attest. I want everything done “decently and in order,” and I get crazy when it isn’t—which is most of the time. I also fight the ridiculous tendency to believe that if I could just organize and control everyone and everything around me (the loose cannons of life!), things would run smoothly—i.e., I could run a tight ship. Of course, God continually has to remind me that I am the worst loose cannon of all, and that the only One who is qualified and able to run a tight ship is the Captain Himself. I decided to approach the book with a humorous theme, as we control freaks really need to learn to take ourselves a little less seriously. What is the main theme or point that you want readers to understand from reading your book? Are there any other themes present in the book?

The main theme or point of the book is what I stated above: I am the worst loose cannon of all, and the only One who is qualified and able to run a tight ship is the Captain Himself. If I want peace and joy to prevail in my life, I need to learn to release the steering of the helm of my life to God—and that’s the message I want readers to understand and apply as well. Are there some specific lessons you hope readers will learn and apply to their lives after reading your book?

I want them to learn to relax and laugh and enjoy this voyage called “life.” To trust the Captain of our souls to take us home safely when our trip is over, rather than struggling to “man the oars” ourselves. Do you have a favorite part of the book or a favorite chapter?

I suppose it would be chapter seven, which I affectionately titled “Face Plants.” This chapter is about the first time I attended a women’s retreat, as a brand-new Christian—and completely embarrassed myself in the process and yet learned so much from the mature and humble ladies who were there to mentor me. What makes your book different than any other books similar to yours that are in circulation today?

There are countless books written for control-freak women who want to do it all and be it all—perfectly and completely at all times. This one, however, is not only written with a humorous tone, but it also takes the reader through what I call the five steps of spiritual growth: crawling, walking, running, flying—and back on our knees, totally dependent once again. I do this by exposing many of the sometimes humorous—and sometimes not so humorous—events in my own life as I progressed through the five stages. How does the book intertwine with God’s call on your life and how you are currently serving Him?

The book completely intertwines with God’s call on my life, because I could never have begun to fulfill it except by progressing through the five stages of spiritual growth to come to the place of humility and maturity that God needed to work out in me. I currently serve in various ministries, primarily writing and teaching/speaking, but also mentoring younger women and beginning writers. Do you have a favorite Scripture verse? What is it and why is it important to you?

I have many, but I suppose my favorite would have to be Deuteronomy 8:1, which says, “Every commandment which I command you today you must be careful to observe, that you may live and multiply, and go in and possess the land.” This keeps my life manageable in that I am reminded that I’m only called to be faithful TODAY. It also reminds me that I need to seek God each morning, so I can know just what it is He has called me to today. Are there any authors that either influenced you personally or influenced your style of writing? Who are they and how did they influence you?

Brennan Manning, Henri J. M. Nouwen, and Max Lucado have to be right at the top of my list of favorite nonfiction authors, simply because they call me back to the heart of worship, to a fresh appreciation of grace and a clarion call to rely totally upon God and not myself. I need those reminders on a regular basis. In addition, I love their writing styles. Their words “sing,” and it is my goal to do the same with the words I write. When you are not writing, what do you like to do? Do you have any hobbies?

OK, now I have to ’fess up to how nearly one-dimensional I am. If I’m not writing, I’m...well, reading someone else’s writing. That’s at the top of my what-I-like-to-do list. However, I also spend time riding on the back of my husband’s 2003 Harley Davidson Road King motorcycle. He’s been riding HDs since 1970 and says he will never outgrow that youthful passion. On the road we are known as “Big Al” and “Easy Writer.” Thank you for taking the time to answer a few of our questions. As we close, is there anything else you would like to add?

Words are my passion. I have always loved the sound of them, the “feel” of them, the power of them to encourage, teach, soothe, and bless. Words can also be used to curse and maim and injure. As Christians called to the ministry of communicating the vision (Hab. 2:2), may we always do so with honor and integrity—and great humility.


Posted 11/12/2009