Genesis: God Makes a Start,              Catholic PerspectivesGenesis: God Makes a Start, Catholic Perspectives
Kevin Perrotta
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Genesis was written in a culture different from ours, but deals with universal human issues. In Genesis 1-11, God Makes a Start, you will discover from stories you may already be familiar with, more about God, the world, and human beings that you might not know. Thought-provoking questions for group discussion or personal reflection  appeal to beginners as well as to those familiar with the Bible.

Six sessions take about one hour and twenty minutes each and include everything you need: Bible text, questions for discussion and application, background notes, insights and quotes from Church fathers and saints, and suggestions for prayer. All combine to help you grow in understanding God's word and your relationship with God.

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How to Use This Guide

Exploring Our Beginnings

Week 1
Let There Be Light!
Genesis 1:131

Week 2

The First Marriage
Genesis 2:425

Week 3

Distrust, Disobedience, and Dismay
Genesis 3:124

Week 4

East of Eden
Genesis 4:15:5

Week 5

God Starts Over
Genesis 6:59:11

Week 6

The End of the Beginning
Genesis 11:112:5

A Book for Today

Suggestions for Bible Discussion Groups

Suggestions for Individuals