The Trouble with Tulip, A Smart Chick Mystery #1The Trouble with Tulip, A Smart Chick Mystery #1
Mindy Starns Clark
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It seems wherever advice columnist Josephine Tulip goes, trouble follows. When a body is found next door and her neighbor is arrested for murder, Jo and her photographer friend Danny investigate. Will they untangle the mystery before the killer strikes again? Can Danny muster the courage to tell Jo how he feels about her? 300 pages, softcover from Harvest.
The Trouble with Tulip, Discussion Questions by Mindy Starns Clark

1. Why do you think Jo was so eager to marry Bradford?

2. What happens to a child who is moved around excessively and cannot form many connections? Do you think this is accurately reflected in the character of Jo Tulip?

3. What did Jo get from her grandparents that served to counteract her own parents? Do you think God sometimes gives us other people to fill in the holes left by bad parenting?

4. How does Danny reconcile his faith with his ambition? Can you be submissive to Godís will and still pursue lofty goals?

5. Why is Danny reluctant to share his feelings with Jo? How do you think she might respond if she were aware of his feelings?

6. In what ways are Jo and Danny perfect for each other? In what ways would they have problems if they did get together?

7. Did you like the character of Simon? If so, what is it that makes him a likeable character even though some of his behaviors are reprehensible?

8. Do you think Simonís conversion is genuineói.e., when he dies, will he go to heaven?

9. Do you think an 11th-hour conversion for a criminal is fair? What do you think was difference between the two thieves who hung on each side of Jesus at Calvary? Why did one accept and one did not?

10. Does Simon have a moral compass?

11. How was Edna like her brother? How was she different?

12. Have you ever been the victim of a scam? What sort of people are most easily conned?

13. As you read this book, did you pick up any useful household hints? What sort of areas should Jo Tulip tackle as she seeks to modernize her column?

14. How might a knowledge of household hints be useful in solving crime?

15. If you could talk to Jo Tulip about her love life, what advice would you give her?

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