Can you picture yourself as an athlete? A child? A priest? A soldier? A friend of Jesus? Let these pictures from the New Testament help you to follow Jesus more closely. Jesus calls Christians to live His Way of life—to become Christ followers. In the New Testament, the call to live Jesus’ Way comes in a variety of forms—such as commands to obey, wisdom to learn, and virtues to cultivate. Another form of the call to live Jesus’ Way is images—we could also call them metaphors or models. This book examines several evocative New Testament images that help us find our way as we follow Jesus—disciple, servant, steward, soldier, athlete, pilgrim, priest, child, guest, friend. Every Christian wants to develop their ability to follow Jesus. Combining thoughtful studies of images in the Bible with heartfelt guidance for Christians in today’s world, these images from the New Testament illustrate the practical outworking of a walk of faith and inspire us to persevere.


  • Each of the 10 image studies is drawn from several New Testament Scriptures
  • The studies are written to be readable and useful for the Christian layperson
  • This book is the 205-2006 Emphasis Book for WMU, SBC, following last year's She Walked With Jesus: Stories of Christ Followers in the Bible


    A highly regarded professor at Beeson Divinity School since 1990, Fisher Humphreys specializes in the area of systematic theology. He has authored more than ten books and numerous journal articles. His book, Thinking About God, is used widely as an introduction to Christian theology in seminary and college classes. Prior to coming to Beeson, Humphreys was professor of theology at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a frequent guest lecturer at colleges and seminaries and has served as pastor of churches in Mississippi, Alabama, and Illinois. He and his wife, Caroline, have two adult children and two granddaughters and live in Birmingham, Alabama.