The List: Figuring Out Prince Charming, the Corner Office, and Happily Ever AfterThe List: Figuring Out Prince Charming, the Corner Office, and Happily Ever After
Marian Jordan
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In The List, Marian Jordan writes to single and married women about what to do when their list of dreams doesn't play out according to schedule. If your "list" of desired achievements has not yet been fulfilled, take some advice from Marian and trade it in for another list - one that honors God by putting his priorities first. If you can embrace this list, you might find yourself in the midst of your happily ever after dream. Paperback.

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Marian Jordan is the founder of Redeemed Girl Ministries, showing girls of all ages how to apply God’s truth and promises to their individual circumstances. She lives in Houston and is finishing her master’s degree at Southwestern Seminary. What is the core message of The List?

The core message of The List is that every season of life can be beautiful if we choose to exchange "our list" for "God's List." What do you hope readers will take away from The List?

I hope readers will take away from The List a new perspective on their circumstances and a renewed passion to live for God's glory and kingdom agenda. My prayer is that the girl who picks up this book will find the same beauty in her season...single, married, mommy, career girl...every season can be beautiful if we ae living for God's List and not our own. In The List you discuss your struggle to overcome the expectations you placed on yourself through the things on your list. How has believing Truth changed your list?

Before I learned the truths that I teach in The List, I struggled with a wide range of emotions: fear, shame, disappointment and bitterness...just to name a few. I thought I knew exactly what my life was supposed to "look like" by a certain age. Therefore, when I was met with so many unmet desires in my early thirties I found myself battling these emotions and wondering why I was in such a pit of despair. It was in this place that God spoke to me clearly about "my List" and challenged me to embrace "His List." Since embracing "His List" I've found freedom from those emotions, but the greatest difference is I now have the one thing I truly I love my life. There is nothing in the world like the center of God's will and I wouldn't trade God's agenda for anything I thought I wanted. How has understanding your God given niche impacted your List? How can readers come to understand their own niche?

The Bible teaches that "we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works." (Ephesians 2:10) Every believer has a specific God-niche that their unique gifts, talents, passions, and abilities are best suited for in God's Kingdom work. I firmly believe a girl will find no greater sense of satisfaction or purpose in this life than knowing and serving in her God-niche. Had it not been for my years of singleness I don't know if I would have discovered my unique God-niche of teaching and writing. Today, I see my season of singleness as a blessing because I can serve God in ways I won't be able to if/when I am married.


Posted 11/11/2009