When the Day of Evil ComesWhen the Day of Evil Comes
Melanie Wells
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Soon after a "coincidental" encounter with an eerie, sickly-looking stranger, Dylan Foster's crisply ordered world seems to become a battlefield invaded with disturbing, mysterious events. How does she separate spiritual from earthly, angel from devil---and friend from foe? Will she discover that she is in the eye of heavenly warfare---requiring God's armor?

When the Day of Evil Comes Discussion Questions: by Melanie Wells


1) Do you believe angels and demons exist today? If so, how do you believe they influence our lives, if at all? What Biblical encounters can you recall between human beings and angels, fallen or holy?



2) In When the Day of Evil Comes, Dylan has a personal encounter with a demonic figure who presents himself in bodily form. Read Hebrews 13:2. Do you believe angels appear to us as humans? And if so, does the same hold true for demons?



3) If angels and demons do interact with humans, and if they are present in our lives, how should we respond to them? What does scripture say about our relationship to heavenly creatures? (Read Hebrews 1:5 – 2:4)



4) Do you believe the presence of demonic or angelic activity in a person’s life is linked to the person’s sin or righteousness? Read Mark 1:21-28 and Mark 5:1-20. What does scripture say about the spiritual condition of demon-possessed individuals? Did they bring it on themselves? What about angelic encounters? Can people who receive angelic visits take credit for them? Genesis 3:1-12

5) Why do you think God would choose Dylan to face spiritual warfare? In scripture, why what qualifies a person to be chosen by God to do His work? Think of Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Joseph. In the New Testament, what does Ephesians say about whom God chooses and why? (Ephesians 2:1-10)

6) Could God choose you to encounter spiritual warfare? Is spiritual warfare always dramatic and obvious, as in When the Day of Evil Comes? Or might it be more subtle? How might that look in your life?

7) Do you believe that spiritual warfare is real? If so, how do you believe it affects our daily lives? Read Genesis 3. Satan used self-doubt, doubt about God, envy, and confusion to tempt Eve. Do you see these elements in your own life? If so, do you believe Satan could use them for his purposes?



8) What is Satan’s desire for our lives? Go back to Genesis 3. What does Satan use to tempt Eve? What is the result of her temptation? How do Eric Zocci and Gavin follow Satan’s desires? The book describes no obvious sin in their lives – what does Satan use to try to separate them from God?



9) What does God desire for our lives? (Read Ephesians 4:14-21) Does Mariann Zocci evidence this? How does she thwart God’s will for her life?



10) Mariann Zocci’s marriage was a violent one. What do you think of her response to her husband and to their violent relationship? What effect did her response have on her? On her family? On her husband Joe Zocci? Did Mariann trust God? If you or anyone you know is in a violent marriage, how would you offer grace to this person? What advice would you give in this complicated situation? Read Malachi 3:13-16. What do you think this passage means?



11) Do you believe in the spiritual “radar” that Christine Zocci and Dylan have? Have you ever felt led to pray for someone, only to find out later that something significant had been happening in their lives at the time? What do you make of such situations?



12) Dylan describes herself as a Christian, but not even a “moderately decent” one. She doesn’t attend Bible studies or sing in the choir or listen to Christian radio. She doesn’t do any of the outward things we normally rely on to determine another’s spiritual state. What do you think of Dylan’s faith? How does she evidence her relationship with God? Dylan’s job involves coming into daily contact with the frailties of others. How do you think her faith impacts her response to others’ failings? (Read Matthew 22:35-40)






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