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Lectures on the Christian SacramentsLectures on the Christian Sacraments
Cyril of Jerusalem
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These six lectures from St. Cyril of Jerusalem delivered in the 4th century serve as catechetical instructions to potential converts in a newly Christianized Roman state. The first lecture, the "procatechesis," functions as a welcome to new catechumens preparing for baptism and offers doctrinal instruction in association with this sacrament. The remaining five are then considered by St. Cyril as "mystagogical catecheses," which serve as an exposition of the rites of baptism, chrismation, and the Eucharist for the newly baptized. This edition of On the Christian Sacraments includes an noteworthy introduction to the person of St. Cyril of Jerusalem, along with his "procatechesis" in both Greek and English..

About the Popular Patristics Series
The Popular Patristics series published by St. Vladimir's Seminary Press provides readable and accurate translations of a broad range of early Christian literature to a wide audience--from students of Christian history to lay Christians reading for spiritual benefit.

Recognized Patristic scholars provide short but comprehensive and clear introductory essays according to their specializations for each volume.

Texts include classics of Christian literature, thematic volumes, homily collections, letters, spiritual guidance, and poetical works from a wide variety geographical contexts and historical backgrounds. The purpose of the series is to mine the riches of the early church and to make these invaluable writings available to all.

Library of Christian Classics - Cyril of Jerusalem and Nemesius of EmesaLibrary of Christian Classics - Cyril of Jerusalem and Nemesius of Emesa
Cyril of Jerusalem, Nemesius of Emesa
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An important addition to The Library of Christian Classics, this volume contains works by Cyril of Jerusalem and Nemesius of Emesa. Cyril of Jerusalem was a distinguished theologians in the early Church. His famous work, Catechetical Lectures is included in this volume. Nemesius was a Christian philosopher, whose work On the Nature of Man is included in this volume. His book is an interesting attempt to compile a system of anthropology from a philosophical perspective. 466 Pages. Softcover from Westminster John Knox Press.

The Library of Christian Classics has long been acclaimed for its quality translations, introductions, explanatory notes, and indexes. The series ensures that modern English translations of some of the most significant Christian theological works written before the end of the sixteenth century are available for scholars and students, allowing contemporary readers to mine the theological riches of the Christian church though the centuries.

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