Distant Echoes, Aloha Reef Series #1Distant Echoes, Aloha Reef Series #1
Colleen Coble
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Interview, Excerpt

Love blossoms in the warm Hawaiian sun, but something sinister lurks in the silent sea. When a missile test goes off-course, destroying a tourist boat and killing several passengers, dolphin researcher Kaia Ohana is called upon by Navy security head Jesse Matthews to help in the stalled investigation. Is sloppy science at fault---or sabotage and terrorism?
Distant Echoes Discussion Questions: by Colleen Coble

1. Kaiaís view of herself was tainted because of her motherís desertion. What events in your life have altered your view of yourself? How do you deal with them? How should you deal with them?

2. How did you feel about Jesseís sister leaving her daughter, Heidi, with Jesse? Women today are pulled in many different directions. Have you ever felt you should be able to do it all but had to neglect something important to you?

3. Jesse had to deal with a demanding boss who sometimes made stupid decisions, but he obeyed anyway. Why are we told to obey those in authority over us? Is that hard for you?

4. The spirit of aloha in Hawaii is unconditional love. As Christians we are told to show love to others. What does this mean to you?

5. Why do you think Bane was so hard on Mano? Was he justified?

6. Kaiaís grandfather had trouble facing trouble when it came. Humor was his way of coping. How do you cope?

7. Kaia couldnít sing, though she had other talents. Do you recognize your talents or do you wish for those you donít have? 9. The Pele group was trying to get the government to address past grievances. We humans often find it impossible to let go of past hurts. Is there something in your past that you find hard to put behind you?

10. Faye agreed to care for Heidi although she feared it would be too much for her. Do you have trouble saying no or do you fear saying yes to something that you think God would have you do? How do you find that balance?

11. Kaia was terrified of spiders. The Bible says we are not to have a spirit of fear but of power and a sound mind. (II Tim 1:7) What fears do you have? What are you doing about them?

12. Kaia was violently opposed to the idea of looking for her mother when Bane suggested it. What do you think her primary reaction really was at the first?

13. Jesse was accused of something he didnít do. Has that ever happened to you? What did you do? What should we do?

14. Jesse blamed himself for his wifeís death, and he actually was to blame for taking his attention from the road while driving. Have you ever done something that harmed someone else, even if it was unintentional? How did you handle it?

15. Kaia was determined not to forgive her mother. What finally convinced her to forgive and allow the healing to come?

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