Rolling Thunder, Truth Chasers Series #1Rolling Thunder, Truth Chasers Series #1
Mark Mynheir
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Interview, Excerpt

Follow the crime-busting truth-seeking exploits of three investigators from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement! In Rolling Thunder, you'll meet lead detective John Russell, who's working a high-profile missing-person case when a strange and evil visitor appears at his home. It's John's father---and his mother's murderer. Can John grant forgiveness before his father dies? Henderson, Blackstock, and Dekker fans will love this new series!
Rolling Thunder Discussion Questions - by Mark Mynheir

1.) What did you think of Marie’s decision to help Frank in spite of John’s wishes? Was she being disloyal and disrespectful to her husband?

2.) Frank’s parole after initially being sentenced to death row parallels God’s pardon for our sins. What do you think of jail house or deathbed conversions?

3.) Frank chose to pursue John’s forgiveness even though John wouldn’t give it. How far should we go to right wrongs from the past? What should we do if the person wronged won’t accept the apology or offer to heal?

4.) During his investigation, John is thrust into several violent confrontations. As a Christian police officer, is he justified in using force if necessary to arrest someone?

5.) Being consumed with his own anger and sin, John is unable to see Dylan, who was in front of him the entire time. Can our own sins blind us to the obvious, too?

6.) The generational sins of the Moore family—violence and alcoholism—are a driving force throughout the story. Is there any such “baggage” you might be carrying around? How has that affected your life or those around you? Have you given God the chance to heal you?

7.) As John resists the Holy Spirit by refusing to forgive his father, other areas of his life begin to unravel. Is this true in the Christian life? If a Believer is in rebellion to the will of the Father, can this seep into other areas of their life as well?

8.) The theme of adoption is present throughout the story. John is rescued from a violent home, and Dylan, the son of a prostitute, is neglected and sold with malevolent intent. Both are saved from their situations and placed into loving, nurturing homes. How do these adoptions compare with the ultimate adoption God performed on us through his son Jesus Christ?

 Truth Chasers Series

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