Grace for Each Hour: Through the Breast Cancer JourneyGrace for Each Hour: Through the Breast Cancer Journey
Mary J. Nelson
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Mary J. Nelson writes to women like herself who are traveling through the breast cancer journey. Grace for Each Hour is written in a devotional format and will be a constant companion to women on their journey through the many stages of dealing with their disease. The short readings encourage, support, and comfort as they point women toward God, helping her grow, not just cope, during this difficult experience. The ideal gift for the woman who has - or has overcome - breast cancer.

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"Tender and inspiring, Grace for Each Hour offered divine strength and hope when cancer touched my own family... An important book!"
Beverly Lewis, author, The Sacrifice, The Prodigal

"Grace for Each Hour by Mary J. Nelson is more than the story of a struggle of one woman with cancer. In many ways it parallels our struggle as Christians, as a society, and as children of God.

With each page and chapter we grow wiser and more fluent in understanding the devastating experience of cancer. It is the melanoma menace that threatens all walks of life, from the very young to the very old. There seem to be no bounds for this master of mayhem, yet, as serious and frightening as this disease is, the author plotted a path of strength, exuberance, and spiritual pragmatism.

We are taken far beyond the heart wrenching story of a life threatened by an emissary of death. We are privy to another facet of spiritual struggle that masks itself in medical jargon, medications, and head spinning developments. Throughout this amazing journey of the soul for this child of God, we are forever reinforced by a biblical fountain overflowing with love, faith, honesty, and pure passion for the kingdom of God and the salvation that is ours through Christ.

This spoke to me on so many levels, in a manner that helped me assess where I stood as a person, a Christian, and as a child of God. You, too, will re-examine many parts of your life. The mundane will suddenly take on new life, every aspect of the experience we call life will seem amazingly different. Its not a literary work, it's an experience one that teaches the potential within us to seek God and listen when He speaks, one that moves us to be still and allow the creator of all things to work in our lives. It is an unforgettable work, one forever etched in my heart and inner being that helped me with some long overdue healing."
--Christian Book Previews