Deep Trouble, Wild West Weddings Series #2Deep Trouble, Wild West Weddings Series #2
Mary Connealy
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Shannon Dysart is determined to restore her father's reputation by finding a city of gold. Deserted by her companions, she's set on getting on alone--that is, if she can find her way out of the deep pit she's fallen into. After being stranded overnight with a helpless female named Shannon, Zane Stanton suddenly finds himself wed to the driven fortune-hunter--and joining her on her treasure quest! Will Zane eventually give in to the increasing need to protect his fanatical wife? Will Shannon risk everything to find the gold? Will the newlyweds outwit the villains hot on their heels?


 Deep Trouble Discussion Questions: by Mary Connealy


1.     Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? Discuss your impressions of it.


2.     Have you ever seen or heard of Mesa Verdi? What do you think happened to the people who build those cliff houses?


3.     Talk about the ancient history of America? With nothing written down, it is nearly all lost outside of archeological discoveries, and many conclusions may qualify as pure guesses. What do you think are some possible things that are lost in history?


4.     Why do you think that North America prior to Colonization didn’t progress—in the sense of building cities, using the wheel, working with iron, having a written language, etc.—like other continents did?


5.     Can you imagine what it must have been like for someone to enter into the Grand Canyon without a map or a guide or a clue about what to expect? How would you have reacted to what you saw?


6.     Did the book capture the awe, the wonder of people seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time?


7.     Was Shannon really interested in her father’s legacy? Or did she just fall into his obsession? How so?


8.     Did Gabe need to rescue a woman come from the feeling of failing his mother? Or was he just avoiding going back to his ranch or meeting his brothers?


9.     Recently a man came forward and admitted he had a secret trail down into the Grand Canyon that he’d found years ago, so the idea that there could be many undiscovered ways down is supported by this. Did that seem outlandish, that the wild mustangs could have this trail that no one recognized until they saw the horses running up it? Why?


10.     Discuss the Seven Cities of Gold and why a fable like this evolved?


11.     Did Shannon and Gabe need to go after that gold to find happiness? If Shannon had given up her dream would it have always bothered her? Why?


12.     What happens next? Bucky isn’t a good match for Tyra and life as a rancher. Gabe is in for some surprises when Shannon’s furniture shows up. What do you think the future holds for these couples?




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