Saving Grace, New Heights Series #2Saving Grace, New Heights Series #2
Denise Hunter
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Interview, Excerpt

As if the jolt of becoming a single mom to her two sons wasn't enough, Natalie Coombs is facing new stresses as the director of the crisis pregnancy center. A teenager who comes in for testing brings back memories of another pregnant girl whose life tragically ended in suicide.

Desperate to reach out to this client, Natalie crosses professional boundaries and incurs the wrath of a mysterious assailant. Even within her family, all is not well as her relationship with her sister becomes increasingly tense. Natalie is compelled to carefully count the cost of following her heart and her convictions amid betrayal, physical danger, and strained family relationships. Filled with human drama, readers will be easily drawn in as national issues become highly personal in this gripping tale of conflict and commitment.

Saving Grace Discussion Questions by Denise Hunter

1. Natalie's passion in life is helping women avoid abortions. What are you passionate about and how are out living out that passion?

2. Jeremiah 1:4-5 says The word of the Lord came to me saying, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." Based on this, when do you think life begins?

3. Sometimes pro-lifers focus on the unborn child while those who support abortion focus on the woman. When you were reading about Linn's predicament, did you tend to worry more about Linn or her baby? What are some of the hazards we face if we aren't concerned about both the woman and the child?

4. When Natalie discovered who Linn was, she experienced shock and anger, while Linn experienced fear and confusion. Who did you sympathize with more, Natalie or Linn?

5. Even though Natalie believed in her cause, she still balked when it came time to put feet to her faith. Has there ever been a time when you knew what you should do and you still faltered? Did you eventually make the right decision? Why or why not?

6. If you had been in Natalie's place, would you have adopted Linn's baby? Why or why not?

7. Drew carried a great deal of guilt over his wife's death even though it was an accident. Have you ever felt guilty about something that not your fault? Why do you think we sometimes feel guilty about things that are out of our control? How can we get rid of the guilt?

8. As the story progresses, Paula and David's marriage begins to unravel. What do you think causes this to happen?

9. In the story, Paula harbors a secret from her husband. Is it ever okay to keep a secret from a spouse?

10. Who in the story did you most identify with? Why?

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