Treason Discussion Questions: by Don Brown

1. Do you think that Petty Officer Blount, the Navy SEAL accused of rape, is innocent or guilty? Why or why not?

2. Zack is faced with several profound choices in the novel. What is the most profound choice he must make, and how does he handle it?

3. Rev. Jeff Spletto faces a demanding life-or-death decision which affects the lives of his congregation. Does he make the right decision in dealing with Petty Officer Neptune? Why or why not?

4. To what extent is Diane’s personality and drive affected by her relationship with her father? It this healthy? Who in your life has most profoundly affected you?

5. How would you rate Kilnap’s handling of this investigation? Why or why not?

6. Is Kilnap a villain or a hero? Or both?

7. Does Zack properly handle the problem created by Kilnap? Who or why not?

8. Did Zack make the right decision in responding to Senator Fowler’s offer? How would you have responded?

9. Is there a scene in the book that represents a spiritual turning point for Zack?

10. What female character do you like best? Why?

11. How would you rate Captain Reeves’ performance as a judge?

12. In the novel, Zack and Diane square off against Wells Levinson, the world’s greatest defense lawyer. Is there a “Wells Levinson” in your life? If so, who or what is your “Wells Levinson?”

13. Several times in the novel, Zack goes to the top of a mountain to pray and meditate. Is there a “Mount Helix” in your life?

14. Discuss the relationship between Zack and Amy Debenedetto. Is there a future for these two?

15. If there is a single, overriding trait in Zack’s character, what is it?

16. To what extent does this novel pit the truths of Christianity against the tenets of Islam?

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