The Passion of the Christ, DVDThe Passion of the Christ, DVD
Mel Gibson
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Destined to become a classic, The Passion of The Christ created quite the media hype before its premiere. Mel Gibson's stunning masterpiece portrays the final twelve hours of Jesus' life. This DVD of the international blockbuster film offers an unforgettable experience of the profound love of Christ's sacrifice. With amazing cinematography and stellar performances by a talented cast, The Passion of the Christ is Christian moviemaking at its best. This film features audio on Aramaic/Latin/Hebrew languages and English subtitles. Close-captioned. Rated R (scenes of graphic violence). Fullscreen. Approx. 126 minutes.

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The Passion of the Christ *****
reviewed 2/23/05

One of the best evangelistic movies of our times, Mel Gibson's, "The Passion", is wonderfully moving. You will see Christ and his saving work in such a powerful way that you cannot help be changed. You encounter it. This is more than watching a mere movie. You are experiencing a Person, a redemption that is so powerfully portrayed that you will not walk out the same. As C.S. Lewis read Chesterton's The Everlasting Man and went from atheism to theism, so likewise I expect the impact of this film. After five viewings I'm still noticing details and subtle symbolisms and my love for Christ is increased. I now read the Passion narratives with a vision that is indelibly printed with the severity of the stripes that Christ wore for our healing and with the agony of his cross by which we are saved. I am thus more ready for the resounding reality of his resurrection. This film does this. It will make you ready for that resounding reality. -william