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 The Come Thirsty Church Kits

In Come Thirsty Max Lucado leads Christ-followers to the well of living water and encourages them to take a long, satisfying drink. Max promises that when Christ-followers Come Thirsty into the presence of Christ they will be eternally refreshed.

Now, with the Come Thirsty Church Kit, you can lead your entire congregation to the well of living water! Lucado's Come Thirsty Church Kits provide every resource your church needs for a 6 week spiritual adventure.

Come Thirsty Leader's GuideCome Thirsty Leader's Guide
Max Lucado
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Max Lucado invites you to go to the W-E-L-L of God's provision to refresh your thirsting heart. As we receive God's Work, Energy, Lordship and Love, our souls find the living water it thirsts after. This Leader's Guide includes:

  • Answers to all the questions in the Come Thirsty Workbook
  • Three different options for opening up your study time
  • Discussion questions to encourage and facilitate conversation
  • Suggested passages for reading Scripture out loud as a group
  • Overviews of the Come Thirsty study for weekly review
  • A weekly reading plan to encourage further reading in Max Lucado's Come Thirsty



 Additional Resources for The Plunge! Youth Edition

Plunge! Study Guide, Come Thirsty Student EditionPlunge! Study Guide, Come Thirsty Student Edition
Max Lucado
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The teenage soul is a thirsty machine, always looking, always yearning, always searching for that which is refreshing and filling. Plunge! is designed for teenagers who long to drink from the W-E-L-L. This study guide includes:

  • six weeks of material designed to take you to God's W-E-L-L
  • 60 short sections of bite sized lessons and scriptures
  • dozens of Bible verses and quotes to take with you through the day
  • questions to help you reflect on God's Word
  • Space to do your own journaling

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