[From Inside Jacket Cover:]

We all were. And that's a good thing, according to authors Stephen Arterburn and Dr. Debra Cherry.

We all come into this world with appetites - for food and drink, beauty and pleasure, sex and companionship, meaning and significance, and spiritual fulfillment. God created us that way, and He didn't do it to tempt or torment us. Our yearnings and desires are designed to keep us alive, to draw us together in relationship, and to enrich our lives with pleasure and enjoyment.

The trouble is, appetites don't always work as they were intended. When they get out of control, the results range from uncomfortable to downright dangerous - chronic disease, broken marriages, ruined careers, spiritual fumbling, or complete self-destruction. The key to managing our cravings over the long haul, Arterburn and Cherry insist, is not to deny our hungers or substitute one craving for another, but to understand what we're really hungry for - and to seek out what will really fill us up.

That's the heart of this readable, intensely practical book. The authors draw on their intensive counseling experience and their own personal struggles to help you understand your God-given appetites, short-circuit your out-of-control cravings, and achieve lasting change by satisfying your natural hungers. In the process, you will learn to enjoy the fulfillment of balanced living and healthy pleasure - and develop a deeper relationship with the God who created appetites in the first place.