The Making of the New Spirituality: The Eclipse of the Western Religious TraditionThe Making of the New Spirituality: The Eclipse of the Western Religious Tradition
James A. Herrick
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Have you noticed that Christian traditions are being eclipsed by new views of spirituality? It's time to move past the media's perspective and discover how this foundational shift took place! Exploring the historical trajectory of sacred discourse, Herrick reveals the roots of other beliefs and assesses their implications on human happiness. 331 pages, softcover from InterVarsity.

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1. Introduction: A Changing View of the Spiritual World

Spiritual Changes: A New Age of Belief?
Bestsellers and Blockbusters: Spirituality Goes Public
Talking About Spirituality
The Revealed World and the New Religious Synthesis
Goals of the Study

2. Antecedents of the New Religious Synthesis: A Brief History of Alternative Spirituality in the West

Spiritual Communities in the Middle Ages
Magic and the Hermetic Tradition
Kabbalah: Secrets in the Pentateuch
Neo-Platonism and Magical Science
European Mysticism
Humanism and the Rise of Biblical Criticism

3. The Rise of Biblical Criticism: Allegory, Myth, Codes and the End of History

Thomas Woolston and the English Deists
Lessing, Strauss and German Criticism
John Shelby Spong Rescues the Bible
Michael Drosnin's The Bible Code

4. The Ascent of Reason: Birth of a Deity

Peter Annet
Voltaire and Liberated Reason
Thomas De Quincey
American New Thought: Minds as Divine Healing Force
Ayn Rand's Argument for Reason

5. Science and Shifting Paradigms: Salvation in a New Cosmos

Thomas Paine on the Hope of Science
Robert Green Ingersoll: Science and Deliverance
Carl Sagan: From The Demon-Haunted World to Alien Contact
The New Physics: Science and Ancient Wisdom

6. Evolution and Advancement: The Darwins' Spiritual Legacy

Erasmus Darwin
Lamarck and Spencer
Charles Darwin: Naturalist Prophet
The Spiritual Vision of Darwin's Early Defenders
Julian Huxley: Transhumanism and the Moral Elite
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: Reaching the Omega Point
James H. Austin: Evolving Brain, Evolving Spirit
James Redfield: The Celestine Prophet
Science Fiction and Human Evolutionary Destiny

7. Pantheism in the Modern World: Nature or God

Spinoza and Toland
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ernst Haeckel and The Riddle of the Universe
Bergson and Shaw
A New Pantheistic Physics

8. The Rebirth of Gnosticism: The Secret Path to Self-Salvation

The Fundamentals of Gnosticism
Jacob Ilive: Enlightenment Gnosticism
Joseph Smith's Yankee Gnosticism
Carl Jung and the Gnostic Impulse
Jean Houston: Gnosticism and the New Age
Science Fiction: The Final Gnostic Frontier

9. Modern Shamanism: Spirit Contact and Spiritual Progress

Emanuel Swedenborg
Victorian Shamans: Occultism, Theosophy and Spiritualism
John Mack and UFO Abduction
Paul Ferrini and the Jesus Phenomenon

10. The Mystical Path to Pluralism: Discovering That All Is One in Religion

An Original Religion
R. M. Bucke
Frithjof Schuon and Transcendent Religious Unity
Joseph Campbell: The Perennial Philosophy as Pluralistic Hope
Marcus Borg and Jesus the Spirit Person

11. Conclusion: A New Spirituality for a New Age

Taking Leave of History
The Advent of Reason
Theological Science
Spiritual Evolution
The New Gnosis
Shamans and the Spiritual Future
Mystical Pluralism
Final Considerations: A New and Better Way?


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