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An Introduction to QuakerismAn Introduction to Quakerism
Pink Dandelion

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The first comprehensive introduction to Quakerism, this balances a history of the theology of the Quakers, or Friends, with an overview of present-day practices. It focuses on such notions as end times, spiritual intimacy, and what is considered worldly; as well as highlights differences within the group. 277 pages, softcover. Cambridge University.


Print Culture and the Early QuakersPrint Culture and the Early Quakers
Kate Peters

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The early Quaker movement was remarkable for its prolific use of the printing press. Carefully orchestrated by a handful of men and women who were the movement's leaders, printed tracts were an integral feature of the rapid spread of Quaker ideas in the 1650s. Drawing on very rich documentary evidence, this book examines in an extensive proselytizing campaign, printed tracts enabled the emergence of the Quaker movement as a uniform, national phenomenon. This book explores the impressive organization underpinning Quaker pamphleteering and argues that the early movement should not be dismissed as a disillusioned spiritual remnant of the English Revolution, but was rather a purposeful campaign which sought, and achieved, effective dialogue with both the body politic and society at large.

Quaker Spirituality: Selected Writings (Classics of Western Spirituality)Quaker Spirituality: Selected Writings (Classics of Western Spirituality)
Douglas Steere, ed.
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Simplicity in forms of worship, opposition to violence, concern for social injustice, and above all, a faith in the personal and corporate guidance of the Holy Spirit are characteristics of the spirituality of the people called Quakers. From their beginnings in seventeenth-century England until today, the Quakers have attempted to radically live out their beliefs in the presence of God's Spirit within their hearts.

In this book, Douglas V. Steere, the distinguished T. Wistar Brown Professor Emeritus from Haverford College, has assembled a comprehensive collection of Quaker writings. Included are selections from the journals of George Fox and John Woolman, Thomas Kelly's Testament of Devotion, and the works of Caroline Stephen and Rufus Jones.

Cereal Tycoon: Henry Parsons Crowell,  Founder of the Quaker Oats CompanyCereal Tycoon: Henry Parsons Crowell, Founder of the Quaker Oats Company
Joe Musser
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Do you ever think big things for God? Born into a wealthy family and endowed with a large inheritance after the death of his father, Henry Parsons Crowell had many opportunities to try his hand at business, a passion that suited him well. His shrewd business sense eventually brought him to the top of the oatmeal business, and to the potential for even greater wealth, if only he would compromise his values. But Crowell was a man of integrity and compassion. Read this compelling story of a man who, in his youth, struggled with a debilitating and life threatening illness. A man who survived the loss of two wives. A man who faced opposition in almost every venture he engaged upon. A man who, through it all, thought big things for God. Whether it was in his home-based Bible studies, his business lunches with great leaders, his work to rid the city of Chicago of debauchery, or his contributions to the Moody Bible Institute, Henry Parsons Crowell was a man who above all sought to share Christ with those around him. See how the vows Crowell made as a young man to give glory to God through his stewardship came to fruition in this inspiring biography of one of the faithful men of God.

The Quakers in AmericaThe Quakers in America
Thomas D. Hamm

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Gain a complete understanding of all things Quaker in America. History professor Hamm provides an overview of Quaker origins in Europe and follows the movement to this continent. He studies current Quaker culture, controversies, and conferences within the sect, comparing and contrasting the conservative and liberal theological perspectives. Quaker family life is also examined: religious instruction in the home, and views on gender and sexuality.


A Testament of DevotionA Testament of Devotion
Thomas R. Kelly
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Since its first publication in 1941, A Testament of Devotion by the renowned Quaker teacher Thomas Kelly, has been universally embraced as a truly enduring spiritual classic. Plainspoken and deeply inspirational, it gathers together five compelling essays that urge us to center our lives on God's presence, to find quiet and stillness within modern life, and to discover the deeply satisfying and lasting peace of the inner spiritual journey. As relevant today as it was a half-century ago, A Testament of Devotion is the ideal companion to that highest of all human arts--the lifelong conversation between God and His creatures.



Some Fruits of Solitude: Wise Sayings on the Conduct of Human LifeSome Fruits of Solitude: Wise Sayings on the Conduct of Human Life
William Penn
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When William Penn wrote these words in 1693, he had served as a Quaker preacher, minister, and missionary for over 20 years. He had been imprisoned for his faith half a dozen times. He had written dozens of books and pamphlets defending his faith and arguing for religious tolerance. He had founded Pennsylvania as a refuge for those persecuted for their faith, and he had been a friend and advisor to the King of England. But after being falsely accused of treason, he was forced into hiding for three years until he could clear his name. During those years of imposed solitude, he had time to think, to reflect, to reevaluate. This book is the product of that solitude. In it, Penn distills the essence of his spiritual idealism, combining it with practicality and common sense. His topics range from our choice of clothing to our choice of a spouse, from the benefits of a country life to the nature of virtue. He presents a practical morality, while also addressing the conditions of the heart that lie behind it.

For all of us who have at times gotten caught up in the values of the society we live in, for all of us who have gotten caught up in the maddening rush over things that really have no deep value, Penn's reflections offer us a needed point of reference and call us back to a place of sane spirituality.


A Declaration on Peace: In God's People the World's Renewal Has BegunA Declaration on Peace: In God's People the World's Renewal Has Begun
John Howard Yoder
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A call from Mennonites, Quakers, Church of the Brethren, and the Fellowship of Reconciliation to all Christians to renew discussions about peace, war, militarism, and justice. This book declares that peacemaking is essential to Christian discipleship. It is the vocation of the church as a whole. Moving beyond the traditional debate around "pacifism," this statement seeks dialogue concerning a renewed vision of the entire purpose of God in the world.

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