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They promised to love each other forever---"in sickness and in health." But when John's wife, Ellen, receives a devastating medical diagnosis, can their family weather the storm? Called "a must-see for all couples," this triumphant love story is a life-changing testimony to the power of God. Stars Barbara Babcock and Ken Howard. Special appearance by Billy Graham. 83 minutes.

Special Features:
  • Movie Trailers
  • Billy Graham Sermon
  • Franklin Graham Comments
  • Meet the Cast
  • On-Location Footage
  • Director's Commentary
  • English, French and Spanish Subtitles
  • English, French, German, Mandarin, Protuguese, Russian and Spanish Languages


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A Vow to Cherish ****
Reviewed 3/20/00

Here is a film that will give you a renewed sense of what committed love is all about. The acting performance of Barbara Babcock as Johnís wife, Ellen, who comes down with Alzheimerís, is remarkable. Also noteworthy is the performance by Ken Howard as her husband torn between a new acquaintance who gives him a new zest for life, and his wife debilitated by Alzheimerís. He comes to realize in a profound sense the love that is not based on self-centered feelings but on a vow of love made at the altar. Ozzie Davis plays Johnís friend, Alexander, a compassionate listener and guide, and Christian friend. David Morin, plays Phil, Johnís free wheeling playboy executive brother who finds questions in his own life as a result of what he sees modeled before him. David Denman is the son who comes to see his own parentís marriage as a model as he himself enters marriage. The final scene of his wedding is truly climactic. Great lines stand out in this one: ďIíve had such wonderful moments with you.Ē ďI wish I could get time to stop.Ē This must be seen by anyone contemplating marriage and by those who have been married many years. It will give you a renewed appreciation for the sacred bond. Also a featured guest appearance by Billy Graham. ~ william