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From Scandal to Hope
Fr. Bendedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R.
reviewed 1/7/05

The first step in cleansing and healing of a Church sorely wounded by its recent scandal is given to us in this little book by Fr. Groeschel. While uncompromisingly confronting the abuse, Fr. Groeschel also provides a balanced perspective. He points out that the media has brushed the entire Church with such broad strokes that hardly a priest is immune from getting that sidelong glance of suspicion. Fr. Groeschel is precise in calling sin what it truly is while also invoking the forgiveness that is so essential to the Gospel. From Scandal to Hope should be read by any who seek to have a better understanding of the problem and more of a knowledge of how the healing balm of Christ can be applied to the Church. --william 216 pages from Our Sunday Visitor.