A More Profound Alleluia: Theology and Worship in HarmonyA More Profound Alleluia: Theology and Worship in Harmony
Edited by Leanne Van Dyk
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Two questions lie at the heart of this rich, suggestive book: What are the theological implications of worship? and What are the liturgical implications of theology? Convinced that worship and theology are integrally related, the authors of A More Profound Alleluia show in practical terms how liturgy and doctrine fruitfully illuminate each other.

Each chapter pairs an element of the worship service with related Christian teachings, clearly demonstrating how the great doctrines of the faith find their natural expression in the drama of worship and how the liturgy in turn finds its corollary in doctrine. The interrelation of theology and worship is illustrated with anecdotes from congregational life, resources drawn from church history, and themes from novels and films. Each chapter also includes two hymn texts that exemplify orthodox doctrine communicated through song.

A More Profound Alleluia will be a valuable text for courses in theology or worship, will help worship leaders to plan services with greater theological depth, and will enhance worship for Christian believers generally.


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Series Preface


Leanne Van Dyk

The Opening of Worship = Trinity
John D. Witvliet

The Trinitarian Grammar or Logic of Worship
The Doctrine of the Trinity as Fundamental and Distinctive
The Doctrine of the Trinity as Pastorally Significant
Making the Trinitarian Shape of Christian Worship Clear
Beginning Worship in a Trinitarian Way
Trinitarian Habits
Trinitarian Criteria

Hymn: “Come, Great God of All the Ages,” Mary Jackson Cathey
Hymn: “God the Spirit, Guide and Guardian,” Carl P. Daw Jr.

Confession and Assurance = Sin and Grace
William A. Dyrness

Sin as an Obstacle to Worship
Biblical Context
Historical Developments in the Doctrine of Sin
Confession of Sin as Orientation to Reality
Confession and Pardon
Passing the Peace of Christ
Foot Washing
Confession and the Larger Celebration of Redemption

Hymn: “We Cannot Measure How You Heal,” John L. Bell
Hymn: “Children from Your Vast Creation,” David A. Robb

Proclamation = Revelation, Christology
Leanne Van Dyk

The Word of God: Jesus Christ
The Word of God: Scripture
The Word of God: Preaching
The Word of God: Sacraments
The Word of God: Silence
The Word of God: Other Forms

Hymn: “Thanks to God Whose Word Was Spoken,” R. T. Brooks
Hymn: “Thy Strong Word,” Martin H. Franzmann

Creeds and Prayers = Ecclesiology
Ronald P. Byars

Scriptural Creeds
The Nicene Creed
Why Recite a Creed?
The Apostles’ Creed
The Prayers of the People
Prayer Reaching Outside the Walls
The Components of Prayer
Lord, Hear Our Prayer!

Hymn: “O Christ, the Great Foundation,” Timothy T’ingfang Lew
Hymn: “Our Cities Cry to You, O God,” Margaret Clarkson

Eucharist = Eschatology
Martha L. Moore-Keish

Memory and Hope
The Already and the Not Yet
The Community and the Individual
The Material and the Spiritual
Judgment and Renewal
Universality of Vision
The Offering
The Table of Tomorrow’s People

Hymn: “Remembering with Love and Hope,” John Paarlberg
Hymn: “I Come with Joy, a Child of God,” Brian Wren

Ending of Worship = Ethics
David L. Stubbs

Endings and Final Ends
The Liturgy after the Liturgy: Liturgy and Ethics
Everyday Life in a Liturgical Context
The Charge and the Blessing

Hymn: “Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service,” Albert F. Bayly
Hymn: “Canto de Esperanza/Song of Hope,”
stanza 1: Spanish traditional; stanza 2: Tom Mitchell